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5 Makeup Tips to Turn Back the Clock

Everyone is always asking how to look younger. This is a very important question! Don’t let your makeup age you. Instead, use it to make yourself shine. These simple makeup tips will shave years off your age and enhance your natural beauty.


Makeup Tip 1. Use Cream Blush

Use a light pink or peach cream blush on your cheeks. It adds color to your face. Plus, it gives you a youthful, flushed look.

Makeup Tip 2. Thicken Brows

Thin brows often make you look older. Use a brow pencil to fill in your brows and make them look thicker. This instantly takes years off your face.

Makeup Tip 3. Forget Powder

Heavy powders cake into fine lines and make you look older. No one wants that. If you can’t avoid powder altogether, use a light translucent powder instead. It helps brighten your face and set your makeup without highlighting fine lines.

Makeup Tip 4. Line Top Lash Line

Sagging eyelids make you show your age. Apply brown or black eyeliner along your top lashes. Sweep the line out slightly at a 45-degree angle for an instant lift effect.

Makeup Tip 5. Use Color Correcting Bases

Before applying foundation, start with a color correcting base. This is ideal if you have redness, age spots or dark circles. Use the appropriate color base for your needs. It helps even out the skin, making you look more youthful.

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