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6 Natural Eye Make up For Women Over 40

When you are over 40 years old, it is a grave mistake to use make up in making you look younger than your age. At this age, your aim in applying make up must be to achieve a fresh and good look for your age.

For women over 40, their main focus should be their eyes. After all, this is where the first signs of aging usually show up. Wrinkles, fine lines and dark circle around the eyes can certainly make you look unappealing, tired and older. That is why you must learn ho to properly and naturally apply eye make up for your age.


Here are some tips on how to apply various eye make up products to achieve a fresh look:


1. Eye Shadow

In the morning, it would be best to opt for neutral eye shadow shades. At night time, it is best that you go with a darker shade or black eye makeup so you can be able to boost the definition and texture of your eyes. Avoid using two or more shades in coloring your eyes so as to avoid looking cheap. Additionally, avoid applying eye shadow in the brow bone. Apply make up only up to the crease of the eye.

2. Primer

This is actually the secret to a flawless eye make up. Applying eye shadow primer before applying eye shadow allows you to prep the surface of your eye lids, making it smoother and more moisturised than ever. This allows you to enjoy your eye shadow for a long period of time. You can also use primer in your eye lashes.

3. Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner application, women over 40 would surely benefit from soft and smudged brown (for lighter skin tone) and black (for darker skin tone). Avoid applying too thick eyeliner as this can make you look older than your age.

4. Mascara

When it comes to a mascara, it would be best that you opt for a lengthening mascara than a volumizing one. The key to achieving great lashes is by boosting its length– not its thickness.

Additional tips

Here are a few more tips to take note of:

5. Less is more.

When it comes to eye make up, less is always more. Most women tend to cover up their fine lines and wrinkles by putting on high amounts of make up. As a result, they end up highlighting their blemishes even more. This is because too much heavy make up leads to a cakey and creasy appearance. If you wish to naturally conceal such lines, then you must aim to apply only the basics. These may include a moisturising concealer, light eye shadow, couple swipes of mascara and liquid eye liner. The first thing that you must focus on is your eye brows. Always make sure that your brows are well shaped. You can do this with the use of tweezers. Additionally, it must also be properly filled. To do this, you can use either a brow pencil or brow powder of the same shade as your natural brow color. Make sure that you apply brow powder with the use of high quality brow brush to ensure that it is evenly distributed.

6. Enhance your best features.

Of course, women over 40 will look better if they will keep on enhancing their best features and downplaying their bad features. If you think you have great eye brows, then, by all means, highlight it. If you have long lashes, do not forget to apply mascara and make sure it lasts.


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