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7 Best Blush Products To Make Your Skin Glow


There is something charming and alluring in the whitish colors of winter. Those silver and blue theme can now be seen in various runways, parties and events especially since the debut of the movie Frozen. But If there is one thing that the blue and silver combo does not look good on, it is our skin. No one would want to look pale and dull, even if it is winter.

Lucky for you, there are hundreds of blush products that are here to your rescue. With a wide array of blush product options out there, what are the ones that would make your skin glow the most? We have scoured far and wide to bring you the best blush products to make your winter complexion have that summer glow. After a long search, we have compiled the top 7 blush products that you must have this winter season:

1. Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick in Pink Fever Shade from Maybelline

When in doubt, get all shades. Lucky for you, you do not have to spend too much money or too much time searching for the perfect blush shade as Urban Decay has compiled all the the shades that you need in just one palette. Experts recommend going for the Native combination which showcases a pale and matte bronzer along with a bright coral blush and paired with a peach highlighter.

2. Box o’ Powder in Dandelion Shade from Benefit Cosmetics


If you wish to avoid the shining, shimmering, splendid look this season, then may we suggest that you go into the matte side. This Benefit Cosmetics’ blush in Dandelion shade will be perfect for you. It gives your cheek just the right hint of color. Pair this with a basic highlighter and your cheeks will definitely glow.

3. Golden Gate blush from BareMinerals

For those who are having some difficulties applying compact blush products, then give the gel form a try and see how simple and easy it is to use. This O-Glow gel blush from Smashbox is the perfect option to start with. It matches the natural skin tone pretty well and gives off a great pink hue.

4. O-Glow from Smashbox

If you do not like something as liquid as the gel but you wish to shy away from something  compact, then a loose powder blush would be perfect for you. This blush from BareMinerals  gives you a reddish glow with a touch of bronze finish. It also has bonus points because it is eco-friendly and contains no synthetic dyes or fragrances.

5. Baked Blush from NYX

Of course, this list will never be complete without a MAC product in it. If you are not used to wearing blush or you are afraid of too much color in your face, this immaculate pink satin blush will bring color to your cheeks without going overboard.

6. Urban Decay Naked Flushed


During the colder months, the skin tends to dry. This is why the perfect option would be blush products in liquid form. If you are not a fan of such products, your next best bet would be baked blushes. Since this type of blushes has pure pigment, it is best to opt for a shade in natural color. We recommend going for the Solstice shade.

7. Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick in Pink Fever Shade from Maybelline

Not only is the shade a perfect one, this blush stick also helps in hydrating the skin. This is the best way to solve skin dryness problems and adding a glow to your face at the same time. The best thing about this? It is perfect for ladies that are always on the go.


There you go– some of the best blush products that can give you an instant glow during the colder months.


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