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Anti Aging Tips | How To Keep Your Neck Wrinkle Free

As we get older, our skincare routine changes it’s focus into a preventional or an anti-aging skincare focus. It is important that we not only place value on our facial care but include the neck in our efforts to keep our skin wrinkle-free. Get more youthful looking skin on your neck with these little known anti-aging tips and skincare ideas.

Anti Aging Tips | How To Keep Your Neck Wrinkle-Free

We all know prevention is key when it comes to keeping our skin as youthful as possible. Especially the skin on our face, as we age the skin on our face becomes more delicate and prone to showing our true age. We all know asking a woman her age is a rude thing, but it becomes a lot worst when someone starts to guess what your age is an their answer is a higher number than what your age really is.. Let’s face it we all have a fear of aging and looking older than we are. Fine lines and wrinkles are genetic for the most part. Think about it like this if your grandmother and mother showed their first signs of aging on their forehead than you will most likely have your first signs of aging on your forehead. This is because genetics plays a huge roll in how your skin will look overtime. But if you take care of your skin you will help avoid those problems as much as possible.

One of the areas we always seem to forget to take care of is our neck. We always seem to apply all products to our face and stop right at our chin. This is completely wrong as the skin on your neck is as thin as the skin on your hands. Because the skin on your neck is so thin it is prone to fine lines and wrinkles that will definitely give your age away. Think of the skin on your neck as an orange peel, if you were to leave the peel of an orange in the hot sun it will turn dry and shrivel up a lot faster than if you were to leave it in a moisturized area. Thankfully there are steps you can take to keep the skin on your neck looking wrinkle free.

Step 1. Whatever you do to your face do to your neck

This is one of those things we must all remember, if you use a face scrub on your face make sure to always drag it along your neck. When applying any product to your neck always start from the bottom up. You want to pull the skin up to keep it nice and tight. By using the upward motion you are keeping your skin from dragging down. Which in return will keep the skin looking youthful.

Step 2. Use a Neck Specific Cream

Many companies are now joining the bandwagon and making creams that are specific for your neck. Creams that are specific for your neck will contain more collagen than face creams. This is because your neck and hands need more moisture as they tend to dry out a lot faster than your face would. Also collagen helps cell turn over which will keep your skin looking youthful. The best part is it will keep wrinkles at bay.

Step 3. Exfoliate twice a Week

Make sure to exfoliate the skin on your neck twice a week. The skin on your neck is usually the opposite of what the skin on your face is. For instance if you have oily skin on your face your neck will usually not be oily but more of a dry combination, same goes for dry skin if your skin on your face is usually dry the skin on your neck will be a bit oilier. So you want to exfoliate twice a week with a gentle exfoliating scrub. This will remove all dead skin cells and product build up that you may have. Which will reveal glowing skin.

Step 4. Mix in 2 drops of your favorite face Serum into your night cream

The key to keeping any skin looking youthful and tight is moisture. Moisturized skin will create a smooth canvas that will look younger.To keep moisture in your skin, add your favorite face serum into your night cream. You want to add 2 drops of this serum into your face palm and mix it in with your cream. This will give your face cream a boost of essential nutrients and oils. This concoction will keep your skin moisturized all night long and look healthy along with supple in the morning. Meaning any product you apply ontop in the morning will go on smoother and look better.

Step 5. Massage your skin Regularly

You want to massage your neck regularly, it’s basically exercise for your neck. Always massage upwards to keep the skin tight. When you massage your neck do it in an upward motion to keep the circulation going. The more blood flow you have going to your neck the better it will be on your skin. Massaging your neck will also keep the skin tight, which will help if you already have loose skin. This will help tighten it once again.

With these simple steps you will be able to not only keep your neck looking young and youthful but you will be looking your best from head to toe. Which is what we all want to look amazing at every age. We don’t always want to look 15 we just want to age gracefully and look fantastic while doing so.’

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