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beauty regimen | Morning Beauty Regimen in 6 Simple Steps

Morning Beauty Regimen in 6 Simple Steps

Beauty Regimen ensures that we stick to a consistent method that works for our skin  and our health as well.. Today I will show you how to have it done in a fraction of a time we usually spend on getting ready every morning. We only need to follow these five simple steps and claim it as our very own every morning beauty regimen.

Simple Beauty Regimen

Step 1. Set your Lummi light with alarm on before heading to bed. You see hear me do this every time I discuss something that has to do with a specific schedule in a day. I like this because, for me, it helps me to get out of bed and come to my senses in a gradual manner where the room illuminates before in a subtle way. It helps me get out of bed on that lazy Monday morning, it is the key to get me out of bed and it becomes more bearable.
Step 2. Get some water on your body. When I feel really tired there is nothing like a shower to wake me up and freshen my body. Recently I have been using this product called Original Source-all in one moisturizing shower gel in pineapple and coconut oil scent. It smells incredible. It has that citrusy flavor that helps enhance that amazing feeling a shower can give you. It is also important to cleanse with water your face and I personally like the Sarah Chapman’s Rapid Radiance Cleanse, especially in the morning when I feel a bit gray and dull. It has vitamin C and Lactic acid in it, so it’s almost like an exfoliate and facial cleanser in one that’s why I love it on my skin because it gives that brightening and deep clean it needs in the morning.

woman drinking water | Morning Beauty Regimen in 6 Simple Steps

Step 3. Use an eye cooling gel or metal tip eye cream applicator on your eyes to remove the puffiness. It is so incredible since not only does it remove puffiness it also moisturizes and nourishes that area of your eye. I have recently lost mine, I could not find it. So, what I do as an alternative is a grab a cold spoon and press it over my eyes, it is amazing and feels so good! This is especially important when you have cried the previous night ad your eyes are all swollen and puffy. Another treat for your eyes is eye drops, they are very useful with tired eyes where it often has an aggravated redness to it. I’m currently using this redness reliever lubricant eye gel, it is super helpful and feels like a breath of fresh air on your eyes.

Step 4. Light and easy makeup. After you have done the essentials like moisturize, clean your teeth and all that stuff; it is time for you to put your make up on. Here is a bit of makeup trickery for you. Personally, on a morning I like a light finish on the skin, something really dewy since I do not really intend to powder much. So I always go back to in the shade nude. I think it is beautiful, it gives only a thin coverage. I just love the finish of this; it looks fresh on the skin and natural looking. Another trick is to use a nude eyeliner to cover up some redness, while a good curl on the eyelashes opens up your eye.


I will also recommend a pink lipstick, I use one from Nars lip pencil in the shade hue. It is opaque and seriously pigmented so I only put a little on the center of my lips and I use my finger just to blend with the rest. It lasts a very long time and is not transferable so it would not stain my white shirt or anything. I just love how the lips just look perky and bright looking in this shade.

Step 5. Do the hair trick. If you are running late on time, dry shampoo is your lifesaver! My favorite right now is from Cool Lab, in pina colada flavor. All you need to do is give it a good shake and spray it on, roughen up the hair to evenly distribute the product. It does not leave any white or gray residue, it just leaves the hair looking fresh and grease free. A quick fix to style your hair is to put it on a ballerina bun, nothing fancy as milk made braids, but it does the trick of looking fabulous and clean as it puts back all the emphasis on your lips.

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[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] Step 6: Make Spa a Habit. You can have your own spa gazebo at your home. It has health benefits for our skin.

That concludes the regimen for your groggy morning to a perky glamorous look. When you feel sick getting up from bed tomorrow, I hope this comes back to you and realize how easy as 1, 2, 3 it can be.


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