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Diy Skin Care Products and Recipes | Safe Cosmetics

 Safe Cosmetics – No Carcinogens

Buy natural products to decrease the risk of cancer. While your skin care products are low on the spectrum of cancer-causing elements, they are still something you apply to your skin regularly that could be having a positive or benefit effect on your overall health. Treat your skin well and by safe cosmetics, cosmetics that are carcinogen free. Better yet, save yourself the trouble, go all natural and buy chemical free makeup!

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What is a carcinogen
  • Why you should avoid chemicals
  • How to decrease your risk of skin cancer
  • Why you should use all natural ingredients in your skin care products

This is lesson 7 of our Diy Natural Skin Care Recipes Online Course. Be sure to watch our whole series for natural home remedies for skin care. Our host, Olivia, explains the best skin care regimen, special treatments for dry skin, acne treatments, and treatments for oily skin. Amongst the lessons, we’ve also thrown in some recipes so you can make your own all natural organic skin care products at home. Click below to keep watching the course on DIY Skin Care Products and Recipes.

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