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How to Make Your Hands Look Younger in 5 Minutes

Make your hands look younger in 4 minutes; sounds impossible right? Well what if i told you that we can tell you how? Just read on for these amazing tips!



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I already lost count on the number of times I encountered women who look way younger than their actual age. I can almost give them a round of applause except for one tiny detail—their hands give away their true age.

While it is already a well-established norm to take care of the face and the neck to make sure those tiny fine lines won’t get in the way of you achieving that youthful glow, the fact that the hands are the most neglected part of the body is one thing that you need to greatly consider. Your hands may be able to do all the magic tricks for you, but can it come up with a spell that could defy signs of aging?

Dryness, wrinkles, prominent veins—these are definitely some of the skin problems that you don’t want to see on your hands. Now, if you feel the need for an injection that would get rid of those bulging veins, let’s explore your other options first.

1. Moisturize

Whether your hands look old or not, there is absolutely no reason for you to ditch moisturizing. Right after you take a quick shower, make sure that you apply a bottle of your trusty moisturizer on your hands. This will delay further signs of aging that causes you to look older than you really are.

2. The Beauty Regimen

If you have a bottle of serum or exfoliating agent for your face, make sure that they are put into good use. The products you are using for your face are also the best products for your hands. If you already have sunspots, choose a lotion that contains hydroquinone. This will help even your skin tone, making your hands look fresh and young.

3. Shield Your Hands from the Sun

The skin on your face may be thin, but it is nothing compared to the thinness of your hand’s skin. Therefore, you must never forget to apply sunscreen right after your hand care ritual. If you can’t stay away from the sun, always bring a pair of gloves with you. The harmful UVA and UVB rays are just a real bitch, and they can cause unwanted discoloration on your hands.

4. The Hand Make-Up

DIY Liquid Foundation | Easy Makeup Recipe Ideas For DIY Cosmetics | Makeup Tutorials

Since our goal here is basically to camouflage all possible signs of aging visible on your hands, reach out for a pea-sized liquid foundation. Rub it gently on your hands to get rid of visible spots. In the like manner, if you have a body blusher that has that most-desired illuminating effect, dust some of it on the back of your hands. The glow will make your hands look younger and blemish free.

5. Take Care of the Nails

Even if your hands look young, if your nails look like they belong to a witch, all your efforts of concealing imperfections on your hands would be completely put to waste. Make sure that you cut your nails and that it is perfectly manicured. Who knows? People might just notice your nails more than your hands.

5 minutes is all it takes to make sure you look like a goddess from head to foot. Make your every second count.

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