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11 Tips On How To Survive High Heels | Makeup Tutorials

11 Tips On How To Survive Makeup Shopping in High Heels | Makeup Tutorials

Crazy about high heels? I am! Surely, I’m not the only one who loves to match my cute outfits with amazing footwear with heels. Here’s an article that will help you, us, survive shopping even when we’re wearing heels.

Who are not crazy about high heels? My friends and I have a love affair with heels, and I’m sure many of you beauties feel the way we do. This is not to say, however, that I’ve completely forgotten about the cute sandals and flats I lay my eyes on. I’m quite torn between high heels and flat shoes because both have chic and bright options.

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There was this one time when my best girl and I were shopping makeup looking all glam. I had on a white flowery knee-length sleeved dress paired with an amazing pair of beige high heels. My girl friend was wearing an equally stylish sleeveless black dress and red high heels. At some point during our shopping spree (yes, we literally filled our shopping bags with makeup!), I felt my feet hurt. Oh well, that led me thinking some girls in my readership may have also experience the same dilemma. And what better way to make use of that experience than translate what I learned into a bit of advice for when you go makeup shopping in high heels. So, here you go.

Best Tips For Makeup Shopping in High Heels

Shopping is a good way to step out in style, for a lot of us that means wearing high heels just like these floral ones that are just so irresistible, and I think we are all familiar with how tiring it could get walking around in heels. So check out some advice I’ve listed down for you.


1. Know Your Foot Type


We all walk with a certain gait and we all have different foot types. Some of us are flat footed and some have high arches in the feet that affect how we walk or run. In fact, there are orthopedic shoes that are marketed specifically for foot and gait and they just offer more protection for the feet. If you like wearing high heels most days of the week, you should at least treat your feet to proper footwear.


2. Buy Your Size

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The right shoe size will always be good for your feet. Sometimes I end up buying shoes that are half a size smaller than mine and I almost always end up never using them. Especially with high heels, don’t stress your feet more by getting something that doesn’t allow your feet to breathe.


3. Material Considerations


Whether you’re going makeup shopping for the best matte lipsticks or looking for the best holiday 2016 splurge consider the material of the shoes you’re wearing, is it hard leather that could blister your feet? Maybe a sturdier heel material will be better for all that walking.


4. Chunky Heels


Block heels are a good alternative to your regular high heels, it provides more support for your feet and it feels more comfortable because of the wider heel. It also doesn’t feel as tiring to walk in. Good enough for makeup shopping in high heels


5. Take a Break

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If you’re makeup shopping in heels and have started to feel pain, sit down and put your feet up if you can, or you can just ditch the high heels altogether just for this day when you have to be walking around testing makeup and trying out different products. You know it takes a while and you know it can get painful.

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Let me know which one is your favorite advice in the comments section below and if you’re getting ready for Black Friday shopping madness, check out these stores that offer Black Friday deals.

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