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15 Game Of Thrones Makeup Tutorials

Intrigued by the looks of some of the recognized Game of Thrones women? 

Thinking of how to do them? Here’s some of the looks that are very easy to do and follow.  Enjoy trying the looks!

15 Game Of Thrones Makeup Tutorials

1. Mother Of Dragons Makeup Look

via Emma Pickles

2. Daenerys Targaryen Hairstyle Tutorial 

via Silvousplaits

3.  Daenerys Targaryen, Pyre Scene Hairstyle Tutorial 

via Kayley Melissa

4. Sansa Stark, Little Dove Makeup Look

via Elmear Byrne

5. Sansa Stark, Wedding Hairstyle

via Silvousplaits

6.  Sansa Stark Hairstyle

via Fancy Hair

7.  Arya Stark Hairstyle

via Fancy Hair

8.  Queen, Margaery Tyrell Makeup Look

via Margaret Kimura

 9.  Margaery Tyrell Hairstyle

via Silvousplaits

 10.  Queen Regent, Cersei Lannister Makeup Look

via Alexia Esque

11.  Shae Makeup Look

via Margaret Kimura

12.  Catelyn Stark Hairstyle

via Kayley Melissa

13.  Missandei Hairstyle inspired

via LaDollyVita33

14.  Melisandre Hairstlye

via Silvousplaits

15. Melisandre Makeup Tutorial

via Ariana Alegre


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