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Makeup Tutorials | Bun Hairstyles

Though bun hairstyles are classic and can work in a multitude of settings, the bun has evolved over the years to become incredibly intricate.

From the fishtail braided bun to the oversized ballerina, buns have taken on their own category of hairstyles and we like it. But, with a great hairstyle comes the great responsibility to wear said style in the proper environment. Though these are loose guidelines, we’d never expect to see a messy bun at a wedding or a classy chignon on the beach.

To help you through deciphering whether to bun or not to bun, we’ve put together a guide on where to wear which hairstyle. Whether you’re heading to a music festival this season or you’re gearing up for what to don for prom, we’ve found a hairstyle to suit your needs.

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Bun with a Headband[/caption]