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Makeup News | Marina Joyce Controversy, Truth Behind The Conspiracy Theories

Was the Marina Joyce controversy a publicity stunt or a huge Internet misunderstanding? Sometimes, being too much of an online Sherlock Holmes can cause a lot of trouble for someone else.

The Marina Joyce controversy not only caused unnecessary problems for the Enfield police, it also raised enough concern for the 19-year-old’s family. They had to publicly address #SaveMarinaJoyce, that trended in the last few weeks of July.

Marina Joyce Controversy | Truth Behind The Youtube Conspiracy Theories

Publicity Stunt Or Internet Exaggeration?

In an age where everyone has an idea about every video on YouTube, the vlogger’s recent videos caused quite an uproar among her followers. All kinds of conspiracy theories came out about the bruises on her arms. The way she slurred and stuttered in her latest videos also caused concerns.

Here are the crazy conspiracies that fueled the Marina Joyce controversy and the truth behind each one:


Abusive Parents or Boyfriend

One of the most popular theories in the Marina Joyce controversy involves her loved ones. According to several Twitter users, the bruises she had on her arms in her latest “Date Outfit Ideas” video and thought it was done by her boyfriend.

She later released a statement saying that she was not in any danger and everything was just blown out of proportion.

In fact, her mother, Cheryl, told The Sun that the situation was “ridiculous.” The fashion enthusiast also revealed that she got her bruises when she “smacked into something, insisting that she bruises easily.

“As for the bruising, we all bruise easily,” her mother further told Daily Mail. “There’s no abusive relationship.”

Fellow YouTuber, Geo Collins, aka geometricelectric, told her followers that Marina wasn’t in a relationship at the moment.


Emotionally and Mentally Unstable

Another theory used a comparison of her first videos from a couple of years ago to the ones she uploaded recently. According to this theory, Marina developed mental and emotional problems after vlogging for years.

Other YouTube vloggers, who are also her friends, came out and refuted the bizarre theories about her emotional state. Karim Abridged even messaged her friend’s mother to personally clear up any misunderstandings the Internet had about the Marina Joyce controversy.


Drug Abuse

Taking things a step further, the self-proclaimed Internet sleuth in JustPaste.It also claimed that Marina could be taking drugs. In past videos, she reportedly used to speak at a fast pace tone. In her latest videos, however, she supposedly slurs and bites her lips a lot – a supposed sign of drug abuse.

According to Mashable she posted several past videos of herself telling everyone that she was sober.


Kidnapped By ISIS

This one, perhaps, is the most elaborate among all the theories in the Marina Joyce controversy. According to several online followers, she was supposedly kidnapped by the terrorist group ISIS – drugged and tortured to what they want her to do.

The JustPaste.It post even warned her followers from going to a party or meet-up that the YouTuber invited them to, saying that ISIS might be using her influence to lure people into a dangerous situation.

Marina, her mother, and her friends all denied being threatened by ISIS or anyone in her family.

Even the police had to issue a statement to appease her fans.


Publicity Stunt

On the other hand, others thought it was just a huge publicity stunt to attract more subscribers to her channel.

Although she did get more subscribers, she assured fans that the entire ordeal just got out of hand. She also mentioned in her YouNow video that this was not a publicity scam at all.

Met police visited the Joyce residence at 3 AM and assured them that everyone was indeed fine.

Watch Philipp DeFranco’s interview with Marina addressing the issue below:

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