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10 Fun Summer Olympics 2016 Makeup Ideas To Support Team USA

The Olympics is upon us again and you now what that means for us makeup geeks! Let’s show some love and pride for Team USA by sporting our best summer Olympics 2016 makeup look.

Team USA has fought hard and long in their journey to Brazil to compete in this year’s summer Olympics. Although we didn’t train as hard as they did, we can always show our love and support to the amazing men and women competing for our country’s pride and bragging rights. I don’t know about you, but I am no athlete, the best I can do right now are these yoga stretches.

10 Fun Summer Olympics 2016 Makeup Ideas To Support Team USA

Go all out in support of our summer Olympics 2016 team with these fun makeup looks…

I thought one way of showing support and appreciation to  Team USA is to go out in full Team USA makeup themed look. Not that I would be caught walking around in full star-spangled banner garb, a neat chic look will do me just fine.

Check out these Team USA inspired looks and find out what suits your taste:


1. Star Spangled Lip Art

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

If you’re going for a fun festive look, a lip art would suit your jolly spirit. Complete with silver stars, pair this look with a neutral to deep brown eyeshadow and you’ll look right in the thick of the celebration.


2. This Fourth of July Inspired Look

4th of July Makeup Tutorial | Summer Olympics 2016 Makeup Ideas
Image via LustreLux

This Fourth of July look is an easy and simple take on a patriotic show for the summer Olympics this year. Go out with your friends and have a fun time hanging out with this wearable makeup look. You can watch Lustre Lux’s tutorial for this look here.


3. Flag Your Lips

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

Another way to carry the flag on your lips is this patriotic look by thebritneyrenee, creating a flag lip art by using a matte red lip color and a dab of metallic blue to one corner really makes this look pop.


4. Red, White and Blue on Eyes

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

You can also stand out by placing the emphasis on your eyes. Put the red, white, and blue on your eyes and make sure to pick a hue that suits your skin tone and eye color.


5. Team USA Look


This video tutorial by Charisma Star shows you how creative you can get in supporting our Olympic Team. Parade in this festive look and show your American Pride complete with blue wig – or hair, whichever you choose.


6. Smokey Eye Team USA Look

Also, smoke out your eyeshadow and create depth and detail by using the blues and the red side by side. Apply a good false lash to open up your eye and keep everything simple and nude to balance out the colors. Watch the entire video tutorial from Kimberly Flanagan here.


7. Wearable Glam

This patriotic makeup look inspired by Independence Day would also wear nicely in support of our Olympics team in Rio. This tutorial shows that by placing a glitter stick-on under the lower lash, a simple makeup can look glam without being over the top. Watch the entire tutorial from Nikkietutorials here.


8. Glam Harley


This glamorous take on DC’s character, Harley Quinn could very well double as a Team USA Olympics makeup look. Set off a party mood in this totally glam look complete with all the colors of the flag. You can watch Shahony Bourdier’s full tutorial on this look here.


9. Patriotic Stars


If fun is what you’re looking for, this tutorial by Zabrena shows us creating white and star details on the brow bones would bring this patriotic look up a notch.


10. Color Lines


A good way to recreate the Team USA Olympics look is to incorporate the colors of the flag as eyeliners and pairing them with vampy lips. It adds oomph to the look and makes it a bit more stylized than usual. Watch Tiffany Tong’s full makeup tutorial here.
Take your support up one level with this body art tutorial by Madeyewlook:

However you create your look, what matters most is the unity and camaraderie this event fosters in each of us Americans. And to the men and women from Team USA competing in the Summer Olympics 2016, thank you very much. Indeed, this land is the home of the brave.


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