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Throwback: The Worst 80’s Beauty Trends

Looking back at the 1980s makeup and beauty trends, there is simply one word to describe that decade…crazy. Is that crazy good or bad? Well, to date, there are a couple of memorable 1980s trends that are worth noting. However, there are also tons that are cringe-worthy, 10 of which will be shown below. Brace yourself, as we take you to the horrific beauty and makeup trends of  the 1980s:

Big hair, dark lip liners, and mullets are just some of the worst 80s trends that should never be relived in this modern day. Here’s the list:

1. Sweatbands and Leg Warmers

Let’s get something clear. Sweatbands and leg warmers, when worn separately can be cute. But whatever you do, please don’t wear them together… unless you want to look like a backup dancer for a 1980’s aerobics class.

2. Giant Teased Hair

1980’s women liked to take it up a notch by teasing the hair to add more volume. Please, do not blow up your hair out of proportion, that is if you do not want leaves or insects getting stuck in your humongous tresses.

3. The Tight Perm

As aforementioned, big poofy hair was a huge mess. Perming it just made things worse. I’m sure we love Cher and her timeless music, but let’s be honest here, the hair doesn’t do her songs justice.

4. Sideways Ponytail

While side-swept bangs and ponytails are great looks nowadays, this side high ponytail is certainly NOT an exception. Tie your hair any way you want, just not like this. And please, don’t wrap a white bandanna around your forehead too…what a double whammy!

5. Up to the Brow Eyeliner

This eye makeup trend violated a major rule in the makeup rulebook. Applying eyeshadow, particularaly colorful eyeshadow, all the way up to the brows isn’t cool. Warning: Please don’t try this makeup trend at home.

6. Hair Scrunchies

While hair scrunchies may still exist, that doesn’t mean you should wear them. We have a thing nowadays called elastic, opt for that instead when tying your hair.

7. Mullets

The mullet hair trend peaked in the 1980s and admittedly, it looked hot and sexy then (remember David Bowie and Freddie Mercury?). But three decades later, this hairstyle turned from appealing to appalling.

8. Dark Lip Liner

Makeup artists around the world will cringe at the sight of this dark lip liner. Not to mention, there are so many things wrong with this look: the up to the brow eyeshadow, the eyebrows and that big bow!

9. Hot Pink Blushes

Could it be? That the “flushed cheeks” look was invented in the 1980s? The hot pink shade is best applied on the lips, not on the cheeks.

10. Big Neon Accessories

I love neon. You might love neon. But I’m sure we don’t like big chunky neon earrings and necklaces. Plus, the bright green mullet isn’t really working either!

Wow! Taking a stroll down memory lane sure is fun, especially while looking back and laughing at the worse 1980s trends. Now that you know, please don’t make the mistake of doing these looks ever again.

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