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American Music Awards 2016: Best and Worst Makeup Look

The recently concluded American Music Awards 2016 brought us some of the biggest and the brightest stars in the music industry here’s what I thought about their looks.

Isn’t it such a nice time to look in awe at the beautiful stars that dot the red carpet at any given awards show? November 20, 2016 gave us that opportunity again and of course you have got to hand it to me for always keeping up with what the stars wore and how their makeup fared at the event.

Although I have, to be honest, it’s hard to keep up with all these up and coming artists, I barely recognized a handful of them. This year’s American Music Awards turned out to be a good one with Gigi Hadid hosting the show to the super sexy number Ariana Grande treated us with alongside Nikki Minaj.

Here’s my best and could-do-better list for the American Music Awards 2016.

The Best and Worst at The Red Carpet At The American Music Awards 2016

I didn’t list down everyone, but here’s 5 of the best and 5 of the could-do-better on this year’s AMA. I have been really following Award Shows, my loyal readers know that. I hope you’re enjoying my coverage so far! :). I love looking at the celebrities’ makeup and see if I can learn something from it. I would want to apply the best to my clients and of course, avoid those that aren’t flattering.


American Music Awards 2016: Best

Lady Gaga


When Lady Gaga first appeared on our television screens, she would be in outrageous outfits and costumes – I’d like to think they are costumes because they don’t look like something you’d wear every day. However these days, she likes to keep it classy and really fashion forward. Her makeup game was especially on point during the American Music Awards 2016. Her eyeshadow color was divine and her tinted lip was just perfect. It’s the perfect makeup look for her all-white ensemble


Selena Gomez

The best look for me during the show. She literally looked like a princess. I love that she let her red gown speak for herself by keeping everything else simple, from her hair to her accessories. My favorite part of her look is her beautiful bronze eye makeup, absolutely gorgeous. It warms up her features beautifully and it accentuates that beautiful red gown.


Savvy Shields

Miss America 2017 was in attendance at the awards show and she looked phenomenal, truly embodying the most beautiful woman role in all of America. Her hair and makeup were very classy and regal, nothing over the top, but truly such a stunner. I love her bronzed, sculpted face and her messy updo together.


Gigi Hadid

What wrong could Gigi Hadid do in terms of makeup and fashion? I thought so too, she’d put everyone to shame that night. Her makeup work was on point and so were her many wardrobe changes at the American Music Awards 2016, kudos for doing a wonderful job at hosting the event too, Gigi!


Olivia Munn


Another beautiful face with a well-put style on the red carpet, Olivia Munn made an appearance at the awards night and she did so exquisitely which a peach blush, peachy-nude lip, and a skin that looks so healthy, bringing a fresh face to the forefront of the awards show. I totally have a suggestion on how to get your own glowy skin, read it here.


American Music Awards 2016: Needs Improvement

Noah Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ little sis was in attendance at the American Music Awards 2016 but with a lack luster look to boot. Her makeup look could be better with maybe a little bit of styling on the hair and a bit of bright color on her cheeks and lips, of course, anyone would look better wearing a smile too.


Nina Dobrev

For some reason, the silver braid Nina Dobrev wore at the AMA’s 2016 just didn’t seem age appropriate it felt a bit tacky to me considering that her wardrobe was such a hit on the red carpet.


Chrissy Teigen


Okay, something has to be said about what Chrissy Teigen was wearing at the AMA’s last night. It’s almost like she wore a scarf around her and pinned them together to make a dress, I don’t know it’s a bit tasteless to me, her makeup didn’t do anything to the whole look either.


Z Lala

Of course, Z Lala had to wear something crazy it’s not a surprise at all. Which is kind of ironic especially since she tends to look the most unexpected ways on the red carpet, but this was kind of expected so nothing special about it for me. I thought her makeup was okay but I just could not agree to her hair and outfit. I appreciate the effort but there’s no way I’ll include her on my best list, sorry about that.


Ariana Grande


Ari’s makeup is usually on point. However, I’m getting tired of her signature high ponytail, aren’t you? Oh not to mention, her wardrobe choice didn’t cut it for me either. It almost felt like she was going to a hang out with cousins at her aunt’s house. Her makeup look could’ve looked so much better with the right clothes.


I’m sure some of these looks are inspiring you to come up with your own AMA inspired makeup so to get you going, here’s a video by Leyla Rose as she executes an AMA inspired makeup look:


You don’t really need to copy everything these celebrities do, just like me, you can just look for the best and recreate the look based on your personal preference and your preferred products. Now it’s time for you to recreate your own American Music Awards 2016 makeup inspired look.


Which one is your favorite look of the night? Let me know in the comments sections below and if you are curious about how you can look like your own glam goddess just like the stars, check out this life hack.


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