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How To Apply Blush | Makeup Tutorial

Have you always wanted to wear blush, but didn’t know WHERE to put it?

After the theatrical looks of the 1980’s, it’s no wonder many women are intimidated by applying blush! But what makes youthful skin so glowing and radiate? The natural blushing! As we age, the color in our skin tends to shift to different areas. To reign that glow back in place, we’re here today to tell you WHERE to apply blush, and what color is most flattering.

Where To Apply Blush | Makeup Tutorial

Supplies for a perfect blush application:

  • Blush Brush
  • Variety of Blush Colors
A variety of colors adds to the fun!

Step 1: Warm or Cool?

To select a color, you are going to decide two things: a) What color will be complimentary to the rest of my makeup? and b) What makes me feel CONFIDENT! Let’s say you are wearing a plum colored eye shadow, wearing a purplish pink blush will compliment your eyeshadow better than an orange blush, just as if you’re wearing a copper shadow, an orangish blush would be more suitable. Select colors in the same color family, warm or cool. You can imagine warm colors like fire, oranges, reds and yellows, and cool colors, think of ice. Blues, purples, and greens.

Are you hot? Or cool?

Step 2 : Swirl girl

Once you have selected a color that will glow with confidence, lightly swirl your blush brush into it. Then, swirl your brush into a tissue. Your brush will look like there is nearly nothing on it, which is perfect. Now, to decide where to apply, simply smile! The fleshiest part of the cheek, referred to as the apple, is the only place you will apply color. Brush on until you see a light wash of color.

Smile and swirl!

A natural blush is the key to making your flawless foundation come alive, so GLOW ON GIRL!

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