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Mastering the Art of Applying False Lashes

In the article, Finding Your Perfect False Lashes, you can find tips for selecting the style and size of false lashes that may be best suited to you. But have you tried applying false lashes once you’ve got them in your hands?

Applying False Lashes: It’s An Art You Need To Master

If you have never worn falsies before, the task can seem daunting. Will they feel heavy? Fall off? Glue my eyelids together?! With the right lash style and proper application, false lashes can be comfortable and long-lasting for any level of makeup wearer! Follow these three easy steps.


Step One: Lash Prep

Step One: Lash Prep | Mastering The Art Of Applying False Lashes
You’ll want to prepare your own lashes as well as the false ones for seamless application.

Be sure to have completed all of your eye makeup before putting on the lashes. Shadow primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara are best done first, so there is less fuss around the lash strip once it has adhered to your eyelid. You can always go in with little touch-ups like liquid liner and dark eyeshadow on a detail brush to help blend or hide the lash band once it’s on.

To remove the falsies from their plastic container, use the pad of your finger to roll them off. Usually, they have a temporary adhesive to hold them in place on the container and keep their shape. To avoid stretching the band and ruining the curve, gently work them off rather than pulling at one end. Once you’ve done that, hold the ends of one band in between your fingers and roll it like a caterpillar so as to make sure it isn’t too stiff. Lastly, lay each lash, sans glue, on top of your own lashes to preview the look and trim from the outside edges if they seem too long. You will usually have to trim them.

Step Two: Glue and Placement

Now that your false lashes and real lashes are prepped, you may commence with the glue and application.

There are a variety of different lash adhesives on the market. The most important thing to consider if whether or not you have a latex allergy. If so, purchase latex free. Aside from that, picking your lash glue is going to be total personal preference! My ride or die is the Duo Brush-On Adhesive with Vitamins mainly because the applicator is a handy brush that makes getting a thin layer of glue so easy! Before I used to squirt it out onto the end of a pair of tweezers and drag those along the lash band, which was effective but sometimes wasteful and messy. Use a decent layer of glue (not too thick) and focus most of it at the very ends of the band since they will want to lift over time. Holding the ready lash with either a pair of tweezers or your fingers, wait for 15 to 30 seconds for most glues to get “tacky”. This means if you were to tap it, it will feel sticky and not wet.

What works best for me is to align the center or the lash with the center of your eye. Since you already measured the length and trimmed them, you should have an idea of how they will lay. Some people find it easier to apply with eyes open and others with eyes closed. I put mine on while looking down into a mirror so that my eye is relaxed and I can still see. Push the band as close to the root of your natural lashes as possible and hold the ends down to ensure that they stick.

Step Three: Blend

Step Three: Blend | Mastering The Art Of Applying False Lashes
While the glue is drying, you may use tweezers (caution – at your own risk), your fingers or a lash applicator tool to “sandwhich” your natural lashes with the falsies. Clamp down in several places to ensure that the lash band is as close as possible to your natural lashes.

Finally, you can pop on one last coat of mascara, wiggling the wand so that you blend your natural lashes with the false ones.

Bonus Step: Removal and Care!

Do not sleep in or shower in your false lashes! They are meant for temporary wear. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear them once and toss ‘em! Be gentle when removing your lashes at the end of the day because you can easily wear them several more times with the proper care. Use a flat cotton round or cotton swab soaked in your favorite eye makeup remover to hold on the eye and break down the makeup and glue. Use downward motions to gently ease the lash strip off of the eye and clean off any residue. I like to store my falsies on the plastic container they came in so as to keep their shape.

ItsMyRayeRaye shows a video on how to master applying false eyelashes:

Voila! You are now a pro in applying and removing your lashes. And remember – practice makes perfect!

Do you have other tips on mastering the art of applying false lashes? let us know in the comments section below.

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