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Beauty Instagram Stars to Follow on Snapchat

Do you ever wonder how your favorite beauty Instagram stars look like without makeup, or what they do when they’re not busy posting beautiful photos of themselves?

If yes, then following them on Snapchat is going to be your best option. Aside from the fun filters, Snapchat has to offer, it has become the favorite social media platform used to follow our favorite beauty influencers. Snapchat allows us to see them without makeup, just au naturel.

Beauty Instagram Stars to Follow on Snapchat

These famous Instagram stars have also used Snapchat for sneak peeks of their upcoming collaborations, growing makeup line, and other crazy stuff about their lives. The experience is absolutely amazing, in a way that you get to see, hear, and even feel like you are in the same room with them as their stories unfold.

Read on to see the beauty stars we follow on Snapchat and make sure to follow them too:


1. Nikkietutorials (@Nikkietutorials)

We all know why we have to follow Nikkietutorials on Snapchat, aside from giving us tips about makeup, she also let her fans decide what looks she should be re-creating. Who does not follow her anyway?


2. JeffreeStar (@jeffreedahmer)

Yass! The queen of real talk right here! As infamous and controversial as he is, many people are crazy about Jeffree Star. Plus, you get the bonus of seeing sneak peeks of his new products.


3. Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua)

MannyMUA reveals almost everything about his life in his snaps.  From his upcoming collaborations with makeup companies down to his crazy night outs with other beauty bloggers, you’ll see them all on Snapchat.


4. Patrickstarrr (@pstarrrsnaps)

Patrick Starr will take you to his envious vacations via Snapchat. You’ll also get to see his beautiful makeup creations.


5. Maryam Maquillage (@maryamnyc)

Aside from sharing makeup tips and hauls, she also shares what it’s like to live in New York City as a beauty influencer.


6. Kathleen Fuentes (@kathizzle11)

She’s the epitome of brains and beauty. Not only will you love her makeup looks, you will also love her humor.


7. Kim Thai Nguyen (@uraznpersuasion)

Her bubbly side is what we love about her. Also, she really inspires her followers (and that includes me) in gaining self-confidence.


8. Huda Kattan (@realhudabeauty)

A photo posted by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

If you follow Huda Kattan on Snapchat you’ll get an advance notice of her upcoming Instagram releases. You’ll also get to see sneak peeks of her growing makeup line.


9. Nikita Dragun (@mamadragun)

The mother of Snapdraguns. She will blow your mind with her unique makeup creations and fashion styles.


10. Amra Olević (@amrezy)

Get ready for serious strobing goals, Amra Olevic, is definitely one of the best beauty Instagram stars who loves highlight. A self-confessed stiletto fanatic, Amra Olevic lets her Snapchat followers in her shoe-shopping adventures.


11. Em Ford (@mypaleskinblog)

A photo posted by Em Ford (@mypaleskinblog) on

In addition to her being one of the most favorite beauty Instagram stars, Em Ford, is also known for her inspiring YouTube video, she takes us on her everyday life with her snaps.


Jeffree Star has recently been involved in a controversy with famous tattoo artist and makeup brand owner Kat Von D, check out his response below:


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