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Which Eyeliner Shape Suits You?

Do you struggle with eyeliner?

Let this informative guide help you choose the most flattering liner shape for your individual eye!

Best Eyeliner Shapes For Your Eye | Makeup Tutorial

Straight Eyeliner:

Straight eyeliner is classified as a straight line that doesn’t vary in width at either end. Straight liner is most flattering for monolid eyes, because it doesn’t fight the nature shape of the eyelid such as a winged liner. Straight liner is also great for mature eyes, or those who prefer a minimal makeup look. Who should avoid this look? Those who have very round eyes should avoid a straight liner.

Straight liner is good for monolids and mature eyes.


Wedge Eyeliner:

Wedge eyeliner is classified as a liner thickness at the outer corner, to thinnest at the inner corner. Wedge liner is great on almond shaped eyes, or helps those who’s eyes appear close together. The accent on the outer corner appears thicker than a wing, therefore draws the attention to the outer corner of the eye. Who should avoid this look? People who’s eyes are wide set, it will accentuate it.

Wedge eyeliner is best for almond shaped eyes or eyes that appear close together.


Winged “Cat” Eyeliner:

Cat winged eyeliner is classified typically as thickest at the outer eye corner, but extending past the natural corner in a triangular shape. Cat eyeliner is most flattering on round eyes, because it creates the illusion of elongation. Who should avoid this look? Cat eyeliner is often not flattering on those with mature skin. If the skin near the eye is not taut, the shape of the wing can become misshapen.

Winged eyeliner looks best on round eyes.

Arabic Liner:

Often referred to as Arabic liner, this liner lines around the entire eye and extends not only the outer corner of the eye but the inner corner as well. This look can aid in drawing the attention to the inner corner of the eye, and make eyes appear closer together. This look is appropriate for wide set eyes. Who should avoid this look? Those with eyes that are close together, it will accentuate it. It can also be difficult to achieve for those who have a high bridge of the nose, with little flat space near the inner corner.

Arabic liner looks best on those who’s eyes appear far apart.


These are the basic classifications of eyeliner, but keep in mind they can vary in thickness and size. Be sure to try them all to find your favorite!

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