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Are These The Best Mascaras For Sensitive Eyes?

Looking for the best mascara for sensitive eyes? This is your lucky day as I share with you some of the most sought after mascara for those who can barely tolerate wearing it.

Do you get intimidated wearing mascara simply because you feel like you can’t bear to use it? I am. The mere thought of having to lengthen my lashes makes my eye water. The fact is I can barely see, without my contact lenses so mascara has become somewhat a thing of the past for me. I’d rather not have long and lush lashes if that means sporting unsightly red eyes as well.

Are These The Best Mascaras For Sensitive Eyes?

Nonetheless, I haven’t really given up on my dream of wearing long and luscious eyelashes. It’s this yearning that led me to look for the best mascara for sensitive eyes. To my surprise, there are actually many products in the market that cater to my needs. The products are not only for those who wear contact lens like me but for those who have allergies and whose eyes get easily irritated as well.

Check this list to find out the best mascara for sensitive eyes. You might be surprised to find out there are many options  you can purchase depending on your budget and preference.


1. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural Mascara, $28.00

Forget about the pricetag and focus on what this product can do. This product is on top of my best mascara for sensitive eyes simply because it’s everything I want in a mascara. It’s waterproof, it won’t clump and it lengthens like you’ve never seen any other mascara did. On top of these, it is also quite easy to take off – an extremely rare find for waterproof products.


2. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | RMS Defining Mascara, $28.00


This product is tagged as the favorite among those who wear contact lenses. It boasts of a super wet formula that allows easy application. It comes with a small brush applicator making it stress-free to precisely apply the mascara. If you’re choosing this product, make sure not to blink for around 30 seconds or right about the time it dries. Otherwise, you’ll find the mascara smudge on your eyes.


3. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Origins Ginzing Brightening Mascara to Lengthen & Lift, $19.50

Being an Ophthalmologist tested product speaks volume about this mascara. It promises to give long lush lashes without leaving them looking clumpy or spiky. Thanks to the product’s rosemary extracts, which conditions the lashes thus giving it a healthy flicker. It also comes with caffeine and ginseng that invigorates sleepy eyes.


4. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara, $20.00

Here’s another product that’s advertised to do everything you would wish for in a mascara. Get volumised and ultra-thick lashes with high definition in a quick stroke. It’s hypoallergenic, like all mascaras from the brand, but it’s on top of the pack considering what it can provide.


5. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara, $21.00

Don’t be fooled by its bamboo tube housing as this natural mascara can deliver glamorous results. The brush comes with spiky features, which lengthens lashes. It also comes in a creamy formula, which is surprisingly not chunky on the lashes. It even provides added volume. The best part is it isn’t stiff even several minutes after application so you can curl the lashes again without much effort.


6. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Almay One Coat Nourishing Lengthening Mascara, $8.53

Your local drugstores are actually home to one of the best mascara for sensitive eyes. If your aiming to have an everyday go-to mascara, then Almay is the answer. It gives you naturally long lashes. People wouldn’t even know or notice you’re actually wearing a mascara. It’s hypoallergenic and Ophthalmologist tested plus it’s permeated with Vitamin B5 and aloe.


7. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Green People Organic Mascara, $19.00


Who wouldn’t rave about a mascara that’s 98% organic? I am definitely a fan of this product as it has sunflower oil, Vitamin E and beeswax as its main ingredients. These components are what provide nourishment to the lashes, plus they volumise and lengthens at the same time. This is undeniably a must-have.


8. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Nat Origin Lengthening Mascara

Here’s another natural and organic mascara you would absolutely love. This product is loaded with a lot of good stuff including organic shea butter, essential fatty acids, organic jojoba oil and red seaweed extract. This was especially created for contact lens wearers and those with the most sensitive eyes.


9. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100 % Natural Lash Boosting Mascara, $9.55

Dramatic lashes are possible even with natural products. This has been proven by this mascara from Physicians Formula. Apart from being hypoallergenic and Ophthalmologist proven, it’s also fragrance-free and gluten free. Best part? It doesn’t come with a hefty price and can be bought at your nearest drugstore.


10. Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes | Dr. Hauschka Mascara, $19.34


This best mascara for sensitive eyes comes in three colors – black, aubergine and pearl anthracite. It has rose wax, beeswax, and Candelilla, which actively protects each lash. The product boasts of its rapid-drying formulation so there’s really no waiting time to get thick and fine lashes.


If you’re leaning toward buying a natural mascara, watch the video below from Teri Miyahira for her review:

These are just some of the best mascara for sensitive eyes. You can switch them up to really see which one works best for you considering your needs and preference. With your mascara in place, it’s time to try Kim Kardashian’s sexy smokey eye makeup.


What’s your take on my list? Do you know of best mascara for sensitive eyes not mentioned in this post? Share them with me in the comments section below. Complete your eye makeup with this budget-friendly eyeshadow dupes

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