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Blush For Dark Skin-Toned Ladies

Ladies, it’s easy to find blush for dark skin tones! Today, we’ll give you 4 picks to add to your makeup collection.

Picking the Perfect Blush for Dark Skin

Finding blush for dark skin over at the makeup counter can make a girl feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many to choose from, deep mauves, reds, pinks, and corals. In today’s article, we’ll be focusing on finding the best blush for dark skin! We’ve already finished our picks for fair and medium skin tones, so now it’s time we move on to our next set. Don’t worry, ladies. We’re here to hold your hand every step of the way!
Keep on reading to find your best bets when it comes to picking a blush for dark skin!


1. Tangerine

An orange shade is a perfect blush for dark skin toned girls who want a natural looking flush. Not a lot of girls can pull off a bright tangerine shade on the cheeks, so snaps for you if you’ve got a chocolate colored skin. You’ll look amazing in this shade!


2. Deep Pink

Ladies who have dark skin tones have the liberty of getting away with deeply pigmented blushes. Dust this on the apples of your cheeks to look as radiant as ever.


3. Berry Red

When picking blush for dark skin, a berry color should always be considered. The best thing is, you can pair it with a berry-colored lippie to look even more stunning.


4. Plum Purple

A plum hue is one of my favorites to use as a blush for dark skin because it gives a certain depth. One of the best tricks for wearing this is applying contour or bronzer just below where you’ve put the plum blush. Try this look when you’re prepping for a fancy romantic date.

Want to know the best tips for applying your contour, highlight, and blush? Watch this video from MrJovitageorge.

Ladies, whichever blush color you choose, always make sure that it leaves you feeling confident and beautiful. Makeup was made to enhance your features to help you slay the day. So once you’ve got your makeup ready, hold your head high, step into those killer heels, and believe that you’ll have a brilliant day ahead!

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