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Makeup Tutorials | Bun Hairstyles
Though bun hairstyles are classic and can work in a multitude of settings, the bun has evolved over the years to become incredibly intricate.
Makeup Tutorials | Headband Hairstyles
All you need is a stretchy headband or just your hair alone. This trendy, Grecian looking hairstyle is on the hots right now. Here are 12 of the prettiest headband hairstyles that you can try.  All you need to do is check out the simple style and steps on how to do it. Enjoy trying! | | | | | | | | |   Make sure…
Feature | Curly Homecoming Hairstyles You Can Show Off
12 Curly Homecoming Hairstyles You Can Show Off
There’s just something about curly homecoming hairstyles that makes my hairstylist’s heart flutter! I love how softly cascading curls make any formal hairstyle even more romantic and glamorous… Tweet Share 1 Share Pin 10K 10K Shares
Stunning Half Up/Half Down Hairstyles
15 Stunning Half Up/Half Down Hairstyles
Half Up/Half Down hairstyles don't have to be the same old thing every day. There are plenty of creative ways to switch up the styles and put some new twist to a few classic options. Check out our 15 favorites below! 1.Double top braids Part a small rectangular shape at the top of your head then…
Hair Goals – Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato has been in the news a lot lately, and as we continue to send out positive vibes her way, let's look back at some of her most stylish hair moments.   Blond Bombshell One to always keep us guessing with what color she will choose next, I don't think anyone saw this coming. Demi Lovato…
hair and beauty | Hair and Beauty Round up from your Favorite celebs
Hair and Beauty Round up from your Favorite celebs
Hair and Beauty trends are often set by celebrities so we thought it fair to bring you the latest beauty roundup for this week. Check out Jlo, Jennifer Lawrence and more stunning stars rocking the latest beauty looks below. Hair and Beauty Roundup: Celeb Edition Au Naturale-Shay Mitchell Cosmopolitan UK posted this stunning beauty shot featuring Pretty…
beauty posts | Favorite Beauty Posts on Instagram this Week
Favorite Beauty Posts on Instagram this Week
Beauty posts really inspire us to get creative with our hair and makeup. This week we've rounded up some of the most stunning hair and makeup looks from Instagram. Check them out below. Pink Hues There's no better time to experiment with hair colors than during the summer and Ming Lee Simmons did just that with…
feature | 7 Bun Hairstyles in 7 days!
7 Bun Hairstyles in 7 days!
Bun hairstyles are convenient for bad hair days and good hair days, for work, school and play, for pretty much every occasion. You really can't go wrong with this chic style and today we have 7 styles for each day of the week. 1.Double bun with twist Super cute especially for the summer, this double bun…
beauty looks | Our Favorite Beauty Looks- Tony Awards 2018
Our Favorite Beauty Looks- Tony Awards 2018
Beauty looks 101! The Tony awards brought out the most beautiful stars in Hollywood and they really knocked it out the park with their hair and makeup choices. Sara Bareilles She always keeps it understated and elegant and this time was no different. The singer created curls in her long brown hair and opted for…
Get This Celebrity Hair and Makeup Look- Joan Smalls
Joan Smalls never really has bad hair, fashion or makeup, but this look is one of our faves! This pretty pink makeup look by the supermodel is perfect for the summer. It's girly and fun, but not over the top. The best part about this look, however, is that its so easy to replicate, and we'll…