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Guide On How To Wear Instagram Makeup Trends
The Ultimate Guide to Making Instagram Makeup Trends Wearable
What's old is new again, thanks to Instagram. Here's the ultimate guide to making those Instagram makeup trends wearable. Maybe not "everyday basis" wearable, but "date night" wearable. The Ultimate Guide to Making Instagram Makeup Trends Wearable From contouring your face to contouring your lips--these beauty trends originated on Instagram and became (almost) as famous as…
Best Hair & Makeup Looks from the Cannes Film Festival 2016

The Cannes Film Festival is all about glamour and this year, there was no shortage of glamour. With beauty looks that ranged from the most natural (#nomakeup) to bold smokey eyes, celebs put their best face and hair forward. Catch the best looks of the year's most glamorous event here.

Met Gala 2016 Makeup Breakdown

Beauty at this year's Met Gala sure was wild. Or should we say, futuristic? Here are some memorable makeup moments from fashion's biggest night out.