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Make Your Own Makeup Brush Organizer | Super Simple DIY

Scattered makeup brushes? No problem! Roll them up by learning how to make your very own makeup brush organizer using a sushi mat. Here’s a super simple and easy DIY tutorial for you!

Whether you’re a makeup artist or someone who just loves to wear makeup, you’ll have to deal with tons of makeup brushes. I have about 15 of them, and the number just keeps growing every year! Taking care of them is essential, especially since some are not cheap, but keeping them organized is just as important too. With this, you have two options: buy one or make your own. Today you’ll learn how to create your very own makeup brush organizer using  . . . a SUSHI MAT!

Make Your Own Makeup Brush Organizer | Super Simple DIY

Create A Makeup Brush Organizer In Less Than 5 Steps!

You can already have a cool alternative to a store-bought makeup brush organizer! I have the best affordable solution right here. Not only is it budget friendly, it is also eco-friendly and so easy to make. In fact, you can make many of them and give them away as presents for your friends this coming Thanksgiving! How about that? So let’s not wait any longer and begin creating it.


Materials You’ll Need In Making a DIY Makeup Brush Organizer:

  • Sushi mat
  • Elastic
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon

You can find these materials at craft or dollar stores. Since I have kids, I simply rummage into their school supplies drawers :) However, I got my bamboo sushi mat on Amazon for a cool price of less than $11 for a set of six. Cool, right? Don’t worry if you end up buying more than what you need. You can always make more arts and crafts projects with them, so just store them in a safe place.


Step 1. Get your bamboo sushi mat

Bamboo sushi mats are available in different sizes. If you have a lot of brushes, you also need a bigger mat. But take note the more brushes you place inside, the bulkier it looks and gets. I personally don’t like to do that, and since I’m very particular about my brushes, I prefer to create one DIY makeup brush organizer for different sets of brushes.


Step 2. Weave the elastics

This may look complicated, but it’s really not. Just imagine doing this! (yum) Nevertheless, it may require a bit of planning since you want to make sure the elastic slots can truly accommodate the sizes of your brushes. There may be slots that are bigger or smaller than the others. But honestly don’t sweat too much about it. That’s the great thing about elastics – you can adjust the slots accordingly.


Step 3. Secure each end of the elastics

With your DIY makeup brush organizer, it isn’t just the brushes that have the tendency to move – your elastics can too! This usually happens when you bring this organizer to your travel or keep removing and replacing brushes into their slots. To make sure this doesn’t happen, secure the ends of the elastics using a hot glue. Put enough amount of hot glue on the bamboo sushi mat and stick the end of the elastic. Press firmly and leave for at least 15 minutes, just enough time to allow the glue to harden properly.


Step 4. Create your tie

Now you can secure your brushes, it’s time to secure the DIY makeup brush organizer! Oh, this is so easy to do: just glue a ribbon on one end of the mat. That’s it! Again, don’t forget to leave the hot glue to dry well. When you’re ready to close your mat, roll it and tie each end with the ribbon.

And in less than 5 steps, you already have a portable, practical, and cheap makeup brush organizer using a bamboo sushi mat!


Want to see these steps in action? I’ve prepared this incredibly short video for you. You can also find this on our Facebook page at Makeup Tutorials:

How do you find our DIY makeup brush organizer tutorial? Definitely, organizing your makeup brushes has never been easier! This DIY is a fantastic addition to your makeup kit, and it’s a great way to keep your brushes in order. or you can make this into something else like an organizer for your hair accessories or jewelry. What do you think?


Do you have your own DIY makeup brush organizer tutorial? Share them in the comments section below. And be sure to check out this makeup brush cleaning board tutorial


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