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$6 Dollar Elf Blush Everyone Is Crazy About | Makeup Review

What’s with all the hype about the Elf blush palette? Well, you’re about to find out in this makeup review. Know if it’s worth your investment!

How are you guys? If I have readers here in Florida, I hope you’re doing well after Hurricane Matthew. As for me, I had a bit of downtime due to a few days of flu. Thanks to tea and Netflix, I coped well. My kids and husband had been sweet too! They made most of the household chores and even gave me a great breakfast in bed of rolled oats, grapefruit, and Greek yogurt. I guess love really heals. :) Anyway, I have a lot of articles for this fall season, so I hope you can check them out. Today, though, I’ll take a pause from makeup tutorials and give you a personal review of the Elf blush.

$6 Dollar Elf Blush Everyone Is Crazy About | Makeup Review

Let Me Tell You Why It’s A Great Bargain!


  • It’s a very cheap eyeshadow palette for only $6.
  • It’s compact.
  • The size of the mirror is large so you can see most of your face during application.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of sheen or shimmer.
  • You can wear it for at least 5 hours


  • The lightest shades are not pigmented well.
  • There are no clear shade labels.


As a makeup artist, it’s essential I keep tabs on what’s new or popular in my industry. It becomes even more important since I am maintaining this blog! After all, it’s my goal to help you make excellent choices when it comes to makeup. But I am particularly selective of the products I want to review.

What caught my attention with the Elf blush? It’s the price tag! At $6, it’s certainly very cheap. However, is it worth it? Are you getting your money’s worth, or are you just wasting it? To find out, I’ve made myself a guinea pig!


It’s not as small as I hope it would be, but compared to other makeup palettes, including blushes I have, this is compact. It’s not uncomfortable to hold either. This is important for me since there are times when I have to apply makeup on clients on the go. It is thin enough it fits most of the purses and bags of women, and it’s a great product to bring with you when you’re traveling.

I would also like to add a comment on the mirror.

I think it’s extremely generous and incredibly helpful considering you’re putting makeup on your cheeks, which covers a large skin surface. Lately, I found myself using this just to check if I still look decent enough.


In the picture above, you should already have some idea about the palette, but just in case it’s not clear, it’s actually a palette pan of four colors, which are of the lighter shade. Elf Cosmetics sells the same product for another shade, which is dark, still for $6. The palette pan weighs about 14 ounces.

The shades don’t come with proper labels. However, they can be safely described as (starting from left above): light coral, pink, slightly dark pink with noticeable shimmer, and dark mauve (this one will pass as a contouring blush for those with light to medium skin tones). Yup, they are designed for different skin tones. With these colors, you can go nude or dark. I used the darker shades to create some contours, and they work.

While trying to read other reviews about the product, one of the questions asked is if this Elf blush is matte. It is, well, mostly. Some of the colors have a bit of sheen in them just to give your skin some glow but not too much.

Okay, the more defined hues are those I made using my finger while the lighter ones are from the brush. They may not look clear, but the lightest shades appear the least pigmented, and they have a powdery feel.


Since I’m more medium skinned, the lighter colors are ideal for me, which is kind of a bum since they’re the least pigmented among the shades available. The great thing is they are very easy to blend, so all I need is some practical contouring to resolve my concern. They may be powdery, but they actually stick well to your skin. If you want to wear this on a girl’s night out without concealers, it might hold for about five hours – not really bad at all. Besides, the brand has a history of coming up with long-lasting products. The longevity is something you should take into consideration as well. With a perfect base, it lasted on my face for about 6 hours, not bad for a $6 blush palette right?


To see more of the Elf blush, watch this YouTube video from elfcosmeticsUK:


It’s not the best powder blush palette you’ll ever own, but with its price tag, I don’t have any regrets getting it. I love the fact it doesn’t give off a lot of sheen, I have no issues mixing colors, and it’s compact! I can bring it anywhere with me.


What do you think of the Elf blush? Share your personal reviews and experiences with this product in the Comments section below. Want to read more reviews? Click here!


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