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How to Get Glowing Skin | How to Wake Up Flawless Makeup Tutorial

How to Get Glowing Skin | How to Wake Up Flawless Makeup Tutorial at //

We have all seen that woman who has beautiful glowing skin without a drop of makeup on and thought “DAMN what does she do that her skin looks that good! Without wearing any makeup?” The truth is the trick to glowing skin without makeup is your nighttime routine. Your nighttime routine will determine how your skin will look in the morning. When you sleep your skin renews itself new skin cells grow and replace older cells. It’s repairing, restoring and rebalancing itself from within. So a good nighttime routine will not only give you that glow that you want in the morning but it will also help your skin repair itself.

You want a simple nighttime routine, as simple as possible because the simpler the routine the more likely you are to do it every night on a consistent basis. We all know nighttime routines are important but we don’t always want to do them because we are exhausted by bed time. So keeping it simple is key. Here are a few simple things we can all do at night to wake up with glowing skin.


Always Remove Your Makeup to Get Healthy Glowing Skin

Removing your makeup before bed is and always should be a priority, when you have makeup on your face you are clogging your pores with products. Not only are you clogging your pores with products but it also causes premature fine lines and wrinkles. Nighttime is when your skin finally gets a chance to breathe, if you do not remove your makeup it does not breathe it stays inside your pores till the next morning. If you can not find 5 minutes to remove your makeup you can always use makeup removal wipes, they will remove all your makeup with a couple of swipes.I would recommend you keep a pack of makeup wipes right next to your night stand so you can easily pick them up right when you are laying in bed. Remove your makeup and go straight to sleep.


Stay Hydrated to Get Healthy Glowing Skin

Since your skin will renew itself while you sleep it is important to keep it hydrated along the way. Hydrated skin will feel better and look better, when your skin is hydrated it will glow. A healthy hydrating glow that will show from within. A great way to achieve this glow is by drinking a cold glass of water right before bed. When you drink water throughout the day you are hydrating  body and helping your skin from within. Not only are you hydrating your skin but you are also helping your metabolism stay active through the night. The best of both worlds, your metabolism stays active and you wake up with better looking skin than the one you went to sleep with.


Take time to Relax to Get Healthy Glowing Skin

We all know this is easier said than done but if you want glowing skin it is a must. You want to take 5-30 minutes to relax. Drink a warm cup of tea, take a warm bubble bath or even read a book. Anything that will help you relax will do the trick. The more relaxed and calm you are the better. When you are relaxed your skin will heal itself faster. Stress causes a lot of damage not only on the inside but on the outside as well. Stress causes anxiety and this may cause your skin to dry out and look dull. Dull skin is not what you want when you want your skin to glow. So try your best to maintain your stress levels as low as possible.

If you add these steps into your nighttime routine you will be able to notice glowing skin almost immediately. Your skin will start to glow from the inside out. Giving you that healthy glowing skin that we are all looking for. If you would like to give your skin a boost when you wake up in the morning, use a tinted moisturizer instead of your foundation. A tinted moisturizer will give your skin a hint of a glow while giving you some color. Which will give you very light coverage, giving you that clean glowing skin you are going for. Always remember the more consistent you are with your skin the better results you will achieve. If you are consistent you will start to notice your skin will glow from within all on its own after 2 weeks, if you follow this nighttime routine. Having laser treatments is also beneficial for one’s skin because shaving actually does harm our skin.



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