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Men’s Fashion | Grooming and Styling Basics for Men

When it comes to wardrobe, men have less options than women, but that doesn’t mean they should be any less stylish. Read on as we give out some important grooming and fashion tips for men!

Men’s fashion and grooming Tips

Let’s face it, women spend more time in the grooming and styling department. Wait, let me rephrase that, women are willing to spend more time in the grooming and styling department. Proper grooming and styling should be part of every human’s daily routine and just like women, men should make it a priority as well.

Men Want to Look Good Too

The truth is, men want to look good just as much as their female counterparts. However, oftentimes, they have no clue where to start. If their closet is filled with the wrong things, they’d actually choose to thrive with it as opposed to changing everything in their wardrobe. Not to mention, shopping is a HUGE chore for men; just something they cannot be bothered with. But just like with everything you want to achieve, there should be knowledge and effort that goes with it. So today, we will talk about all the basic things you need to know about grooming and styling. I’d like to stick with the basics because for one, men like to read about simpler things and second, you are more likely to follow if it is simple. So here, I provide the knowledge and I really hope that you supply the effort afterwards. Without further ado, here’s the guide you need:

Start with the basics

I suggest that you start with a few basic pieces; casual shirts and dress shirts (both short sleeves and long sleeves). Stick to solid colors and plain ones as opposed to getting ones with patterns and prints. Always have the staple colors like black, white and gray. Keeping a few favorites in your closet should be fine, but only wear them on proper occasions, like maybe on a drink night with the buddies.

If you are fond of basic tees, you should find the right neck cut for you. Which one do you look better in? There’s the crew neck, v neck and the scoop neck. As for the fitting of your clothing,  avoid pieces that are too fitted, too small or too big.

Tucked or Un-tucked?

It depends on the style and occasion; if you’re wearing a casual outfit there’s no need to tuck your shirt in. However for a formal or business setting, you’ll most likely be wearing a button down shirt in which case you should definitely tuck your shirt into your pants.Make sure you have the right belt when tucking in dress shirts.

Bottoms | Mens Fashion

Dealing with bottoms is much easier because you will only need a few key pieces and you’re raring to go. Get a pair of khaki shorts, a good ol’ reliable denim jeans, a pair of dress pants and that’s about it. Cargo shorts are ugly. Do not use them unless you have a house job to do. It is bulky and will never be flattering. Pick the khaki shorts or other boat shirts over it. Ladies, this is your cue to burn those shorts now. For the pants, it is extremely important that you get the right fit particularly in the waist, butt, crotch and thigh area. Naturally, you have to be mindful of the length too. Getting the perfect size may require you to shop from one store to another. Sometimes, if the waist fits perfectly, it will be a bit loose on the crotch and butt. Sometimes, it could be the opposite. So please, be patient with getting the right size of pants and once you find it, you can keep going back to that store for more. What about skinny jeans? The sad truth is, not everyone will look good on them despite men having slimmer legs than women. Plus, men tend to suffer from physical complications down there due to the tightness of the pants.


Just like your bottoms, you must invest in a few key pieces for your shoe collection. I suggest you to have a pair of boat shoes (because it is perfect for the boat shorts), a pair of casual shoes and a pair of dress shoes. As long as you have these three, you’ll be fine. A couple of tips though. Do not wear sandals with socks. Please don’t ever do that. For the dress shoes, find one that perfectly fits you. Shoes that look too big are ugly and those that look smaller is uglier.

Also, I believe I should mention this—don’t wear rubber shoes, sneakers or tennis shoes when wearing dress pants. Follow one style. If you’re going casual, stick to the casual pieces.

The Suit

Every man should have at least one perfect suit and it should be navy blue or gray. It is best to get it tailor-made to get the perfect fit.

Clothing Accessories | Mens Fashion

If you’re wearing a suit, make sure your tie isn’t the same color as your dress shirt. The rule of thumb is to get one in contrasting color. As you may already know, the belt and shoes should ALWAYS match. If you have a brown belt, wear brown shoes. It’s pretty simple. Wear the right socks for the right occasion. Do not wear white socks with your dress pants. Do not wear dress socks for your khaki shorts. I’m sure you get the point here.

Men’s Grooming

Now, if you already have the tools in your shed, you will only be able to pull-off the look if you look the part too. Gentlemen, you need to groom yourselves. Your man hair is growing in different directions and is growing at an astonishingly fast rate. You must keep up (because looking like a werewolf is not one of our goals). Here are the basic grooming tips you must know:

Men’s Grooming

In terms of grooming, there is really one thing you need to invest in and that is good hair clippers. You need one and a reliable one at that. Regardless if you’re growing facial hair (intentionally or unintentionally) or prefer a clean shave look, you still need it. For mustaches and beards, you need a handy-dandy trimmer. There’s nothing wrong with having them, as long you maintain them well and not look like you spent a month on a mountain elsewhere. Your eyebrows need to be trimmed too. If it’s too bushy with hair sticking out all over the place, it causes a distraction between you and the person you are talking to. In this case, I suggest you get a pro to handle it. Eyebrow threading should do. Trim any unwanted hair growth sticking out of you. Get rid of extra nose hair, neck hair, ear hair (over and inside) and back hair. Seriously, no one wants to see them! What about your chest hair? Some men like to keep it for extra machismo. If you do, trim it properly too.


Get Your Hair Trimmed | Mens Grooming

Aside from grooming your body and face hair, it is also essential to get a regular trim for your hairstyle. I read before that men should trim their hair as frequently as possible to avoid the look of freshly cut hair. While this can be bothersome for most men, just keep tabs on how long your hair has grown since the cut. If your hair looks like it is taking a different shape already, it’s time for a cut. So, how was that? Everything was pretty simple, right? The only thing left to do now is for you to start taking action. Invite your girlfriend or wife to a rare shopping spree, which I’m sure they’ll happily oblige to. Have fun!

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