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MIT Has Just Created The Best Anti Aging Cream Ever

Worried of getting wrinkles and saggy skin?  Well, worry no more because technology has just made the best anti aging cream ever. 

MIT Has Just Created The Best Anti Aging Cream Ever

There are a lot of products that promise to bring back youthful skin and, as we all know, some of these products live up to their expectations, while some fall very short. Think “off the face of the map” short. But, despite the history of claims that have been made, there is finally something that tightens slack skin, reduces the appearance of dark circles, and softens facial lines instantly. Nope, it’s not the golden flower Mother Gothel uses to retain her youth, nor does it involve surgery or needles going into your face; this anti aging cream was chemically engineered by MIT scientists to, temporarily and drastically, turn back the hands of time.

The scientists of MIT (Massachusetts institute of Technology) and Harvard University then went on to publish their miraculous findings in the journal of Nature Materials, which received widespread attention from those in the science and beauty community. If you have spare time, we highly recommend you read their report.

The cream is a silicon-based polymer known as XPL (cross-linked polymer layer) that is applied to the face in two steps. First, you apply the transparent cream and then you apply the the catalyst gel which binds the cream to the skin over it. This catalyst gel turns into a transparent film known as “second skin.” It has a tightening effect that mimics the elastic properties of healthy, young skin, thus ironing out any wrinkles and other imperfections caused by time and gravity. The “second skin” also works to lock in moisture and improve the skin’s hydration. The second skin can stay on for 24 hours or until the user rubs or peels it off.

It may be a while before cosmetic companies get their hands on this formula and it becomes available for public use, but until then we can still dream of adding this cream to our ever-growing skincare product collection. However, now that we know a cream like this exists, what we don’t know is whether or not it will be affordable.

Would you buy the “second skin” cream, ladies? How much would you pay for it? Continue the conversation below or on Facebook! We want to hear your thoughts.
For more information on this miracle cream, read the original article here.

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