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New Maybelline Makeup Products Worth Checking Out

Maybelline makeup just got better with their new makeup releases. Grab these on your next drugstore haul!

The Latest Maybelline Makeup Must-Haves

Maybelline makeup has always been a favorite of mine–and of everyone else. They’re affordable, easy to find, and they’ve got some of the best products ladies swear by. In my opinion, they’ve got some of the best mascaras ever! They recently released a new collection and I was lucky enough to grab my hands on them. Here are my thoughts!


1. Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon


What was once a lip balm has now evolved into a crayon. This product is amazing because now you can use it as both a lipstick or a cheeky blush. The colors are more vibrant in this line compared to the old one too! I use it on my lips by itself or mix with my nude lipsticks for shades that need an extra touch of color.

2. The Colossal Big Shot


I swear by Maybelline’s mascaras. I’ve tried and loved most of them. The recent addition to my mascara roster is the Colossal Big Shot. It’s made with collagen, which prevents flaking, and clumping– an absolute plus in my book. Really, this goes without saying but it’s as if Maybelline makeup can never do any wrong when it comes to mascaras. Snaps for you, Maybelline!

3. FaceStudio Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter


This Maybelline makeup product is so good! The highlighter comes in three shades of iridescent, champagne, and gold. As always, I’d recommend using a light hand whenever applying highlighter to avoid looking too shiny. However, I also use a little bit of this and mix it to my matte foundations to add a little bit of dew, works every time!

4. Dream Cushion


I’ve already made this a main staple in my travel makeup bag. I love how the product offers a full coverage, doesn’t leak, and has an almost luminous finish. It’s such a great compact, seriously the best Maybelline foundation as of late.

5. Face Studio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit


I’m never without concealer because I’m conscious of my dark undereye area and slight blemishes. This color correcting kit is a dream come true because not only does it provide so many different kinds of concealers but it also contains a pearly highlighter in the kit. It’s a gem, ladies. However, if you’re not into color correcting, I say just go for the other concealers the have like the Fit Me and Age Rewind concealers. Trust me on this!


Need a guide to color correcting? Watch this video!

Maybelline makeup continues to be a mainstay in my makeup bag. I’ve got to say, it’s one of my most trusted makeup brands ever. It’s the first ever makeup brand I’ve tried as a young girl and I’m still a loyal fan of it until today. I truly can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the rest of the year!

Are you now on your way to grab some if not all of these newly released Maybelline makeup products?  It’s time to read this DIY makeup organizer article to make sure you have all of your makeups stored properly.
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Feature image from Behind the Scent

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