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Easy Polka Dot Nails Tutorial At Home Using A Bobby Pin

Polka dot nails are all the rage, but in this lockdown is there a way to get the look from the comfort (and safety!) of our own homes?

Luckily, there is one tool that will get us a pretty polka dot pattern with spot-on accuracy. It’s a fashion girl must-have that always mysteriously appears even in the most secluded areas in our homes — the bobby pin!

Stay home, save yourself the travel, and grab that bobby pin.

Check out How to Get Super Easy Polka Dot Nails With a Bobby Pin

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 different colors of nail polish (one for your base color, one for the polka dot details)
  • Bobby pin (in place of the dotting tool)
  • Cotton rounds

Step 1: On Clean Nails, Apply Your Favorite Base Color

Apply your favorite base color on clean nails. Beauties will know to apply a top coat first to protect your nails and to help your nail art stay on longer. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, so make sure to keep a base and top coat handy always!

Choose black and white nails if you want to keep it classy. Opt for red nails if you’re inspired by the roaring ’50s. It’s best to choose colors that contrast each other for your polka dot nails designs to pop.

Step 2: Paint on Some Polish on the Tip of Your Bobby Pin

Paint the rounded end of your bobby pin with your second nail polish color. Wipe off the excess nail polish with the cotton rounds to ensure a clean application later on.

Make sure to paint the whole round end of the bobby pin evenly. Apply too much or too little, you might have trouble creating clean and consistent patterns later on.

Step 3: Dot on the Polish on Your Nails With the Bobby Pin

Finally, create your polka dot patterns using your homemade dotting tool!

Start off by applying with very light pressure if you feel that you are heavy-handed. It will be easier to adjust how much pressure you need to get your polka dots the right size as you go on. Try practicing on a piece of paper first if you’re worried about making a mistake.

Voila! As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Check out Pink Invasion’s complete tutorial here:

Polka Dot Designs That Will Inspire Your Spring Nails

1. When the Rainbow Meets Elegance


Have fun with your nail art by maximizing the different design tools available to you! Add a dash of sophistication into your artwork by sticking on some jewels. Fuse different colors into your design on a clear base to really allow the colors of the rainbow to stand out.

2. A Chic Update to Your Beloved Pastels


Pastels have been dominating fashion’s color palettes for a long time now, so naturally a chic update is called for. Refresh your color palette by dotting on another color of the same hue, or by a metallic shade that matches the tone of your base color.

3. An Understated Take on Polka Dots


Mini polka dots are perfect for the ladies who want to enjoy polka dot nails, but at the same time need to maintain a more polished and elegant manicure. Mini polka dots are an understated design that will blend in with most of your outfits whether you’re wearing a corporate suit or a high fashion ensemble.

4. Get Inspired by Your Favorite 4-Legged Friends


You can easily incorporate the polka dot pattern into your nail art as a secondary design element. Polka dots in itself are already a fun pattern, but because of its simple design, it’s very versatile.

5. Gothic Nails


Due to the versatility of polka dots, even gothic girls can enjoy the quirky pattern. Create a vailed effect by painting your nails a brown shade slightly darker than your own. Finally, dot on black polka dots to capture the gothic vibe in your nail art.

6. Enjoy the Last Weeks of Spring With These Nails

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

We’ve spent a good part of spring indoors because of the lockdown situation, so why not bring spring to your nails?

Paint on some floral patterns on your larger nails and finish off by designing the rest of your nails with spots. You’ll have accentuated your floral art by including a pattern that is simpler by contrast.

7. Go 90’s Geometric on Your Nails

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

The ’90s recently made a comeback in fashion, so it’s the perfect time to make 90’s inspired nail art. On the other hand, did we ever need a good reason to go geometric?

Paint half your nails with polka dots and the other half with stripes. Adding bold colors will bring focus to your print on print nail art. Stay at home and in vogue.

8. Layered Polka Dot Nails

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Layer the different colored spots one on top of the other, and with varying sizes and spacing. As you approach the tip of the nail, make sure the space between each spot grows farther and wider. In effect, you give it more dimension and a completely new take on polka dot nails.

Who knew there was so much you could do with a bobby pin? Because we’re all grounded by the lockdown, it’s time we get creative with tools we have at home.

Being holed up at home doesn’t mean we can’t get dolled up. Now that we see that there’s no need to rush to the nail salon to get our polka dot nails fix, make use of the time you have at home and level up your nail game!

 Do you have your own take on polka dots? We’d love to hear about it! Share them in the comments section below.


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