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feature | These 7 Ancient Beauty Hacks Have Stood The Test Of Time

These 7 Ancient Beauty Hacks Have Stood The Test Of Time

Ancient beauty hacks may not be total history after all. When it comes to beauty, the saying that the problems of today may be answered by retracing history. Many of us may not know it but there are many beauty tips and regimen applicable now as much as it was then. You might even be surprised to find out that some of the regimen you might be swearing by is actually part of a long line of history.

These 7 Ancient Beauty Hacks Have Stood The Test Of Time

The quest for beauty does not go out of style. If we look back at history, the pursuit to looking beautiful is deeply rooted and engraved. The things you may have seen on movies or television where women bathe in water filled with essential oils and flowers or where they put on masks is nothing but a real reflection of ancient beauty hacks.

You might be surprised, however, that many of these ancient beauty hacks are still being used in the present times. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a piece of Cleopatra’s beauty secret? She is not only known for her leadership in Egypt but for beauty as well. Getting to know her regimen may not exactly bring us her power or magnificence. Nonetheless, it can at least, guide us knowing it’s a tried and tested regimen.

I initially wanted to do this post to check out how some products came to be the essentials they are now. Along the way, however, I found out about the richness of their history. Thus, it’s only but fitting to share with you ancient beauty hacks many of us still use today.


1. Rosewater


Rose water came into the scene not in recent times but way back in ancient Egypt. Research suggests that its primary use then was as a cleanser considering its capacity to take away skin pollutants. In addition, it can also remove oil and dirt in a breeze. Of course, we know this ancient beauty hack has tightened pores and reduce wrinkles. It’s definitely one product worth trying. DIY Rose Water is super easy to do, check this link.


2. Milk and Honey


If we examine numerous beauty secrets and products, milk and honey would always come out. We’ve heard of using these as a mask or even a bathing aid. They’re even common beauty merchandise ingredient. Well, did you know that Cleopatra also used these when she was taking a bath? The last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt mixed these two with olives for her body treatment. Yes, Cleopatra is known for her perfectly flawless skin, and milk and honey may have greatly contributed to that. These ingredients also help shrink pores naturally.


3. Avocado


Ancient beauty hacks reveal that this fruit is not only a nutritious food as it is also a wonderful moisturizer. Avocado as a beauty essential can be actually traced as far back as the Aztec civilization. Its oil helps in reducing the size of our pores thereby allowing the skin to look young and healthy. The oil is absorbed by the skin plus it doesn’t clog the pores.


4. Snail


This may sound weird but snails are in some of your beauty products, and they’re doing wonders for your skin. Accordingly, the snail mucus is thought to contain skin protection qualities as well as a softening agent. It also has properties that can stimulate collagen formation. It’s even said to have elastin, which can reduce damage to the skin and lessen the effects of free radicals to curb the signs of aging. Rumors have it that Katie Holmes has kept her youthful glow by using a regimen that includes this ingredient.


5. Eggs


I’m quite certain you’ve tried the egg white mask. This is a common DIY facial mask, and it’s undoubtedly effective. According to accounts, using eggs as part of a skincare regimen started way back 600 B.C. during the Chen Dynasty. Protein found in egg hydrates the skin leaving it looking supple. The egg whites also act as a natural skin botox since it can tighten the skin leaving you with an impermanent facelift.


6. Body Sugaring


Have you tried this new trend yet? It’s actually a method of hair removal where lemon, sugar, and water are utilized. I have and it’s probably one of my most favorite things. It’s less painful compared with regular waxing plus my skin doesn’t get irritation from the process. Also, it exfoliates the skin. It turns out this is one of the many ancient beauty hacks still existing to date. This natural hair removal process was from ancient Egyptians.


7. Argan Oil


This is one ingredient commonly found in hair care products, and it’s there for good reason. Argan oil was used as early as 1550 B.C. in ancient Morocco. While it’s best known for taking care of the hair, it also provides maximum benefit for the skin. It gives a natural boost to the skin by softening and hydrating it. It has fatty acid content as well as vitamin E.


Were you as shocked as I was that these products are actually ancient beauty hacks? Beauty and health are indeed a lifelong quest. With this list, you can now take your pick and try which ones are applicable in for your need.


Do you know more ancient beauty hacks I wasn’t able to include in this list? Share those in the Comment section below. If you need more beauty tips, read this next to maintain your youthful glow!

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  • PP
    Posted September 8, 2016 at 3:10 am

    Eye drops in mascara and alcohol mix with broken rouge. Seems like they will work . Thank you for sharing.

  • Maria Beckam
    Posted June 21, 2017 at 6:58 am

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