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Wedding Makeup Tutorials

As your big day approaches, do you stress over the perfect makeup?

Bridal makeup is all about showing off your natural beauty! So, try this fresh faced look on for size, practice, and you will be ready for your big day in no time at all.

Wedding Makeup | Makeup Tutorial

Supplies you will need for your perfect big day bridal makeup:

  • Long-Wear Foundation in your shade
  • Peachy Colored Blush
  • Champagne Colored Shimmery Powder
  • Copper Eyeshadow
  • Black Kohl Eyeliner
  • False Lashes/ Glue
  • Brown Liquid Liner
  • Brow Powder
  • Long-Wear Lip Color



Step 1: Flawless Canvas
On your big day, the most important element to your makeup is LONGEVITY! Test many products to find your favorite, you’ll thank yourself in the long run!! We will begin by applying our foundation evenly on our face and neck. Blend well!

Apply your favorite foundation.

Step 2: The Blushing Bride.
A key element to any beautiful bride is blush! Blush makes us look young and vibrant. Peachy colored blush looks bright, and great on every skin tone. Apply to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion, keeping the blush one finger width away from your nose.

Peach on the cheeks.

Step 3: Time to shine!
Using a large soft brush, apply the champagne shimmer to the top of the cheekbone to accentuate your features. Apply along the collar bone for added depth, making you appear slim and lovely. Finish off your highlighting by hitting the brow bone just underneath the eyebrow, and inner corners of the eye for a bright eyed look.

Highlight cheekbone.
Highlight collar bone.
Highlight brow bone.
Highlight corner of eye.


Step 4: Sparkle in your eyes!
Your big day is all about showing off your natural beauty! To add just the right amount of shine, apply a copper eyeshadow over the eyelid, slightly above the crease, and underneath your lower lash line. We will not be applying eyeliner to the lower eyelid, because we want to keep your eyes as open and fresh as we can, despite any stress you might be feeling! For added emphasis, try applying the shadow wet. This will give you a bolder look, and helps with longevity.

Copper shadow on the lid.


Step 5: Think youthful.
A sign of aging is the loss of eyebrow hairs, and over plucked brows aren’t a flattering frame to any eye shape! We want to look like we woke up perfect, despite hardly sleeping the week before the wedding, so we will fill in our brows with a powder that is 1-2 shades darker than our head hair. Remember! Too dark of brows for your hair color can look harsh and overdone. When filling in the brows, do not over draw the brows much past the natural hairs. Over drawn brows will not photograph well, and we know that every mom, aunt, and grandma will want a photo of the big day.

Eyebrows frame the eye.


Step 6: Tightline.
Using a black kohl liner, preferably waterproof, line UNDERNEATH your upper lashes. This is referred to as tightlining, and helps to create the appearance of thick upper lashes.

Waterproof liner is a must!

Step 7: A necessary touch.
False lashes are a MUST for any bride. They add attention and drama to the eye, dress up any makeup, and make us look naturally beautiful. For the most natural look, try cutting the eyelash in half and apply only to the outer corner. Be sure both corners of the false lash are adhered well.

Too dramatic of lashes can cause shadows in photos!

Step 8: Blend.
To blend in the lash band, apply a brown liquid eyeliner. We suggest a straight liner, because a winged liner could smudge as the night goes on. We chose brown because is is less harsh looking than a black liner.

Softly blend out liner.

Step 9: Last but not least!
For the finishing touch to your perfect wedding day makeup, apply lip color. Lip color preferences vary so much per individual, that we will leave it up to you to choose what color you see fit. We suggest something natural and long-wearing, like a stain or a gloss designed to stay for several hours.

A nude glossy lip is easy to maintain!

There you have it, simplicity on the most complex day of your life! Enjoy the fresh face, and keep it sweet and simple. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

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