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feature | 5 Amazing Q-Tip Beauty Hacks

5 Amazing Q-Tip Beauty Hacks

Who says keeping yourself beautiful has to be expensive? You can hide pimples and dark circles or restore your makeup using a very handy tool in your bathroom: Q-tips. Here are 5 amazing Q-tip beauty hacks!

Your humble Q-tip does way more than cleaning your ears or fixing ugly winged eyeliners. It’s one of the helpful little tools stored in the bathroom. It can make you appear great after hours of poor sleep or even bring new life to your makeup. If you want to know more about what you can do with it, then you better read these Q-tip beauty hacks I’ve come up for you!

5 Amazing Q-Tip Beauty Hacks

Spend Less On Beauty, Fix Things In A Jiffy

As someone who loves makeup, I make it a point to bring Q-tips with me because you’ll never really know when you need some help and there’s no human being to assist you. For example, one time, I got this awful-looking zit while traveling to Mexico. While I can just let it pass, it’s annoying me so bad I’ve become conscious about how I looked. It just ruined my holiday. I don’t want that to happen to you, so I hope you get some excellent tips and tricks right here.

So what exactly can you do with Q-tips? How can they be great in beauty hacks?


1. Conceal a pimple


Want to hide your pimples in a snap? Use the tip to dab concealer to the blemish, smudge it into any hard edges, and then use the other tip to set it with loose powder! But what if you don’t want to see those zits anymore? All you have to do is to get a pair of Q-tips, run some warm water onto them, and gently but firmly press them onto your pimples. The heat will open the pores and allow the pus to come out. Gross but effective.


2. Fake eight hours of sleep


Let me say this clearly, I don’t advocate sleeping less than you should. After all, it’s unhealthy. Hormones go out of whack, your skin appears dull, your mind’s focus is poor, and it’s easy for you to gain weight. But on those days when you can’t get enough sleep and you need to face your boss, attend a meeting, see a friend, or go out of your house, learn to fake it by dabbing a little shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes. Voila! Brighter and more alert-looking eyes!


3. Keep those fake lashes in place


One of the practical Q-tip beauty hacks! This is perfect for girls who love to wear fake lashes (or those who have no choice but to have them – you know, not everyone is a fan). Eyelash extensions or false lashes can slip off, and that’s just embarrassing for any girl! To avoid this scenario, use the Q-tip to put a bit of lash glue on the edges of the fake lashes before you wear them. Press the glued lashes for a few seconds for a secure hold. *We recommend breaking the Q-tip in half and using the hard cardboard side so the fluff does not get caught in the glue!


4. Prevent cuticle crack


We ladies love our manicures and our hands, but no matter how much we take care of them, they’re vulnerable to a lot of things. These include cracked and dry cuticles. You may not stop yourself from washing the laundry, cooking food, or do many other chores with your hands. But you can avoid cuticle problems with one of the amazingly simple Q-tip beauty hacks, put a small amount of shea butter lotion on the tip and apply it to your cuticle for a more hydrated hand.


5. Restore shattered powder makeup


Makeup can be expensive, so you want to make sure you can use them until the last brush. But what if they’re broken or shattered like your blush-on? You can use a clean contact case to put the powder remains of your blush-on, add a bit of alcohol, and press the powder into the case with a Q-tip. Leave it for a few hours, and before you know it, you have a brand-new blush-on! This isn’t the only good news. You can try this hack for your other kinds of powder makeup. If you like another idea, click here.


From creating a cheek tint shimmer to having perfume sticks to go, here are more Q-Tip beauty hacks from Jennifer Chiu:

What do you think of these Q-tip beauty hacks? I’d say they’re amazing. They’re not revolutionary, but they’re simple, easy to do, and practical – just perfect for all of us who are looking for cheap ways to feel and look beautiful.

How about you? Do you have other Q-tip beauty hacks  in mind? Share them in the Comments section below! Are you on Instagram? Then this is awesome for you.

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