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Your Main Guide To The Best Makeup Tutorials This 2016 

Your Main Guide To The Best Makeup Tutorials This 2016 

What were the hottest makeup looks this year? Well, we’ll take you back so you can see which of the best makeup tutorials slayed our 2016!

Prepare to pop the champagne and serve the wine! We’re so close to welcoming 2017, and I know we’re going to embrace the next 365 days with open arms. We’re all excited to experience what’s in store for us. For any makeup junkie or artist like me, I can’t wait to learn about the newest makeup trends and inspiration. :) But before we get into those things, let’s say bye-bye to 2016 first. To do that, let us look back at the best makeup tutorials for 2016.

Best Makeup Tutorials | A Quick Look Back at 2016

Over the past 12 months, Makeuptutorials has shared TONS of tutorials, reviews, tips, and tricks to help you feel and look great anytime, anywhere. I personally have plenty of favorites but so far, these 18 makeup looks are my well-loved tutorials. Feel free to revisit them or even recreate the looks, especially for the upcoming New Year’s Eve party. It’s time to stand out and look every inch your best and true self! :)


1. Celebrity Makeup Tutorials

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

Let’s face it, a lot of our looks – and choices – are inspired by celebrities, whether fiction or nonfiction. And I am one of them (teehee!). So it’s not surprising if this website has featured a lot of Hollywood-inspired makeup tutorials like Kylie Jenner’s looks on Instagram!

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

Olivia Munn doesn’t just have awesome brows, she really has a great makeup, which works well with her even skin tone. To recreate her dazzling Oscar’s 2016 look, go here.

My favorite makeup brush is yours for free, grab it here.

Didn’t I say we also love looks of our beloved fictional characters? Topping the list is that of the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi. While this may seem fitting for Halloween, you can also wear the dewy look anytime (and it’s a perfect way to wait patiently for GOT’s the last season). Want to know how to achieve the makeup? Read this post.


2. Holiday Makeup Tutorials

Some of my most-read and best makeup tutorials are holiday looks. Of course, who doesn’t want to be glamorous and chic at a time when everyone’s expected to get together? I have several of them, but these ones are my top choices. First is the glamorous holiday makeup tutorial by Nikkietutorials (get her collab makeup with Too Faced here). I super love the makeup because it’s fresh yet sultry, classy yet sexy. Amazing balance of smoky eyes, dewy skin, and red lipstick.

I had a difficult time picking the best makeup tutorials for the Halloween, but I have to settle for this look mainly for one reason: details. It looks intricate, but it’s actually quite easy to do. If you want to do this for your next Halloween party, you better read this tutorial.

And before we say adieu to 2016, a New Year’s Eve makeup tutorial made it to the list! I am not a big fan of glitters, but I like how they add a beautiful contrast to the red lips and sparkle to the minimal makeup. They remove the dullness of the look without demanding too much attention.

This makeup tool gives you the “Perfect Lash” and it is your for free, so grab it here.

3. Seasonal Makeup Guides

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] I believe there’s a right makeup for every season. That’s why the Makeuptutorials team strives to give you helpful makeup and beauty tips and tricks, as well as the latest trends, fit for summer, winter, fall, and spring. Two are right here. The first one is actually a springtime look, so the makeup appears fresh and colors are bright. However, I love it even more because it shows you how to do makeup even if you have acne!

A lot of my season-themed articles are meant for fall, and this is one of the best makeup tutorials for the season. Do you want to know why? It’s wearable! Get the same look here.


4. Regular Makeup Tutorials

This section refers to makeup trends that do not fit into any season or holiday. They’re makeup looks you can wear on a daily basis or on common events of your life, such as back to school. Learn the basics of looking made up without appearing older than your age here.

Fresh and minimal makeup is a huge trend this year, and what better way to celebrate that (because I love such look) than to do this.

You can’t look festive all the time but when you, make sure your makeup slays! Here are the neatest tricks on how to look chic, glam, and sexy during your night outs.

How many women have to work hard to achieve work-life balance? Raise your hand! Yup, a lot. That’s why I added this makeup tutorial here. It’s an easy-breezy way to transition your makeup from day to night in less than 30 minutes.

This makeup brand is formulated to deliver better-looking skin in 60 seconds, check it out here.

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625] Korean mania has gone global! More women are becoming obsessed with Korean beauty and makeup, which isn’t much of a wonder knowing how glossy and smooth their skin appears to be. From puppy eyes to aegyo-sal, learn to do 9 Korean-inspired looks here.

Bright lips are pretty much the common theme this year as well, and red alternatives like berries, purples, and plums are so hot especially last fall and this winter. This tutorial may help make you feel comfortable wearing purple lips.

While I don’t want a grunge look this year, that doesn’t mean you can do away with it completely. For example, you can do the soft grunge look, which is perfect for everyday wear since it’s not intense.


6. Makeup Tips

Need ideas on how to do colorful eyeshadows? I’ve got you covered. This post has 12 makeup tutorials that are definitely for beginners.


Although makeup these days are becoming cheap, you can always make your own. Time-consuming, yes, but surely fun and creative! Here are 22 recipe ideas to try.


Makeup should be all about maximizing your best features. I have several posts for that, but this one ranks number one since I know a lot of girls who have hooded eyes will enjoy it.

Hooded eyes mean they have this extra fold of skin above the crease of their eyelids. In turn, the eyes can appear droopy or small. To know more about the best tricks for hooded eyes, read this.

Looking for a makeup brand that’s easy on the skin, makes it look healthier, and keeps up with your active lifestyle? PUR Cosmetics has you covered.

Back in 2015, have you ever thought about what could be the best makeup tutorials for this year? Someone did. Check out this video and let me know if he’s right: 

How do you find my best makeup tutorials for 2016? Did I miss something you personally like? I’m sorry if I can’t list everything down. But if you need more tips, ideas, tutorials, and videos, go to search. I’m confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. :)

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Have you done any of the best makeup tutorials on the list? Share your posts, photos, and thoughts in the comments section. Want one more makeup tutorial? Go here.  


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