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Bridesmaid Gifts | 11 Best Ideas Every Bridesmaid Will Love

Do you need help in looking for thoughtful bridesmaid gifts to give your girls? Stress not my soon-to-be bride because I am at your service today. I’ve rounded up 11 of the most thoughtful and special presents that your bridesmaids deserve. Check them out below!

Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gifts for Your Best Girls

Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is certainly an honor. But what many do not realize is that accepting the role also means that bridesmaids will be closely involved in the wedding planning. On top of that, bridesmaids also have to make sure that their bride is happy and stress-free leading to the wedding day itself. Nonetheless, bridesmaids happily and willingly fulfill their obligations. Give your lovely girls the gift of beauty and relaxation with these thoughtful presents. Check out the top 11 gifts you can give your bridesmaids:

1. Always A Bridesmaid Bath Bomb | Bridesmaid Gifts

After months of planning with you, the girls also need their much-needed break. Let them enjoy a relaxing bath at home whenever they want to with the Scrumptious Always A Bridesmaid Bath Bomb. It comes in a citrus scent with a mix of Bergamont and Aloe.

Don’t underestimate the magic of bath bombs because these little things really pack on natural goodness. When it starts to fizzle in the water, the aroma is released and you’ll already feel relaxed with the scent. But that’s not all, once you step into the water, your skin will immediately feel the moisturizing effect of the oils. I really love this one from Scrumptious and my friends also love it!

2. Engraved Lipstick | Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts


A girl just can’t get enough of lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss. So many shades and finishes to collect…it feels like it will never end. Well, add a few lipsticks to your girl’s collection but I’m not talking about the usual lippies here. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty or YSL Beauty is offering engraving services for their lipstick cases. You can ask them to engrave the names of your bridesmaids or write something like “Thank You!” or “Sexy,” it’s really up to you. When picking lipstick shades, go for something nude, pink, or red!

3. Monogram Compact Mirror | Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Can a girl survive without a compact mirror in her purse? I doubt it. We all need to do our touch-ups here and there and make sure we still look fab after spending hours at the office. Tell your girls that it’s time to ditch those boring mirror compacts because you’re actually getting them customized monogram compact mirrors! Trust me, anything personalized or customized will be deeply appreciated.

4. Beauty Box | Gifts to Give Bridesmaids

Why stop with one gift when you can give them gifts for three months straight? Subscription beauty boxes are awesome gift ideas because of the surprise factor. You’ll never know what’s inside the box, all you know is that you’ll get five samples of beauty products handpicked for you. Plus, these boxes will be delivered right to your bridesmaids’ homes for no extra charge. Don’t we just love beauty product surprises?

5. Skincare Set | Practical Bridesmaid Gifts

I’m sure you always want the girls to look their best. One of the most practical gifts you can give them is a skincare set. This Gin Zing set from Origins is always a huge favorite as it is very effective in re-energizing tired and dull skin. Of course, Origins also have other variants to choose from like for oily skin and anti-aging. Another brand I really like is Kiehl’s because their products are all-natural. Anyhow, whichever brand you choose, it’s great that you’re looking out for the skin of your girls!


6. Gorgeous Fake Eyelashes | Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts

Hey, don’t make your bridesmaids worry about looking great on your wedding day anymore. Get them these gorgeous fake eyelashes that will really make the eyes pop and bring drama to the eyes! I personally recommend the Scrumptious Creme Fake Eyelashes because they’re made with 100% human hair. I’ve tried this one and it looks so natural and beautiful on the eyes! Your beauty lover pals will surely love this too.

Summer may be all about the bronzers. But if you want to tone it down, try this flawless natural look!

7. Makeup Palette | Awesome Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Girl, you can never go wrong with giving your bridesmaids a makeup palette! They will surely love it! Wondering which one to give them? My top choice would be the Morphe 350. This is their best seller and the warm tones easily complement different skin tones and eye color. If you’re looking for something more stylish or cuter, I recommend going with Tarte Cosmetics makeup palettes.

8. Lipsticks | Bridesmaid Gifts

Speaking of Tarte, their lipsticks are really awesome too! I’ve tried their moisturizing lippies and the lip paint and I’ve fallen in love with both. Even my clients like them! As you can see, the packaging is really cute and it’s something any lady would want to have in their makeup stash. How many should you give? It’s up to you. But again, go for colors that your girl will most likely use–nudes, pinks, and reds to be on the safe side.

9. Body Care Set | Bridesmaid Gift Basket Ideas

Whatever the season, it is important to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. The Body Shop always have great sets for body care. One of the most delicious flavors is the Pinita Colada, a mix of pineapple and coconut scents. There are also other flavors that may tickle your fancy like strawberries and banana. Whichever you choose, your bridesmaids’ skin will be in good hands.

10. Bronzer | Best Gifts for Bridesmaids

When it comes to bronzers, Benefit’s Hoola is on the top of my list. I can’t really count how many people I know, including myself, who adores the Hoola. It’s the perfect bronzer and I can’t ask for more. It gives the skin the bronzey glow it needs without looking over-the-top. Since it’s summer, giving your girls a Hoola bronzer just makes perfect sense!

11. Nail Polish | Thank You Gift for Bridesmaids

Nail polish is another great beauty product to add to your bridesmaid gift basket. When picking colors, go for something neutral or shades that are trending in the current season. Remember, nail polish dries up easily and your girls should use it up as soon as possible. For the summer season, I suggest the beautiful metallic gold polish, which will look fabulous with any outfit!


Want to save up on wedding decor? Give this DIY wedding wooden monogram decor a try! Check out this video from Most Delightful Way:

Whether it’s listening to non-stop wedding talk or going to your wedding gown fittings every single time, you can bet that your bridesmaids are always ready to help you whenever they can. They also feel the stress, but they’re not letting you see it because they just want you to be happy! In return, show them your appreciation and love through these thoughtful and special bridesmaid gifts. Seriously, your girls really deserve the best and nothing short of it!

Have you been a bridesmaid? What gift did you receive? We’d like to hear from you in the comments section below!

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