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11 Best Nude Lipstick Shades For The Perfect MLBB Color

11 Best Nude Lipstick Shades For The Perfect MLBB Color

On the lookout for the best nude lipstick shades to get your Spring makeup ready? Look no further! We have the hottest nude lipstick shades right here!

Best Nude Lipstick Shades to Keep You Looking Fresh

While I’ve always loved the dark lipstick shades we all wore for fall and winter, I believe I’m ready to make the switch now. Spring is just around the corner and I’m excited to recreate my favorite natural and no makeup looks! Pulling off the natural look is impossible without the best nude lipstick. That’s why I’ve rounded up the best nude lipstick shades you must have this spring! Here they are:


1. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Meringue

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The Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Meringue is a thing of beauty! Not only is this pinkish shade a big hit to women, we also love its organic ingredients. This lippie contains 12 edible oils and food-grade ingredients that will make sure your lips always look supple and fresh!


2. NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Nude


I’m in love with NYX lipsticks and I’m not ashamed to say that I do hoard them! They’re pretty affordable and the color choices are close to endless. This matte lipstick in Nude is perfect for women with olive skin. While it has a matte finish, the color payoff is more subdued, which is perfect for a natural makeup look.


3. e.l.f. Cosmetics Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick in Touch Of Pink


The great thing about the e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick in Touch Of Pink is its versatility. While pink hues are better for women with fair skin, this lippie can also look great on women with medium skin. As an added bonus, the Bare Satin Lipstick is formulated with shea butter, which keeps your skin hydrated all day long.


4. MAC Lipstick in Pressed & Ready

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If you’re a fan of light peach lipsticks, then there’s no other lippie for you. You gotta have the MAC Lipstick in Pressed and Ready. The warm peach hue makes it an ideal lipstick to wear every day and can be easily matched with any spring outfit. Moreover, it has a pearl and luster finish too.


5. Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Petal Metal

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When Apple came out with its rose gold iPhone, it was something I knew I really wanted to have. Long story short, I didn’t buy one… what I did buy is this Smashbox lipgloss in rose gold metallic hue. And let me tell you, it was soo satisfying! I’m in love with this lippie and its metallic finish gives me the sass I need on my face! With a touch of blush and this lipstick, I’m good to go!


6. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Sheer in Liar

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So, matte and metallic lipsticks aren’t for you… then sheer lippies are your best bet! Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in Liar isn’t lying when it comes to beautifying your pout. It comes in a pink-nude hue and a sheer finish that will leave your lips begging for more.


7. Dose of Colors Lipstick in Angelic


If you’re going for a nude lipstick with more coverage and color, why don’t you give Dose of Colors Lipstick in Angelic a try? This lippie veers away from the usual nude lipstick that looks bare on the lips. Its subtle golden hue will add a pop of color on your lips instantly.


8. Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream in Nude Beach


There are two nude lipsticks from Too Faced that I really love: the La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream in Nude Beach (left) and Taffy (middle). I cannot possibly choose one from these two shades because both are really pretty! They look a bit alike except that Nude Beach is more of a peach hue, while the Taffy has a baby pink hue with a mauve touch. Nonetheless, both lippies are made with white lotus flower extract that keeps the lips hydrated and well-conditioned.


9. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Thrill

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Maybelline has tons of awesome nude lipsticks in whatever nude hue you’re looking for. However, this Vivid Matte Lipstick in Nude Thrill is the best one for me. Why? I like that it is highly pigmented and the color is very vivid. I’ve received a couple of compliments when I wore this. Plus, the creamy base gives a cushiony and velvety-soft feel too!


10. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Kim K.W.

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Now, this is something that Kim Kardashian-West got right! The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Kim K.W. is a beautiful nude lipstick shade that will definitely make your lips look fuller and sexier! You’d also love its long-lasting formula and cashmere matte finish.


11. Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in Beige Indecise


And last but certainly not the list, the Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in Beige Indecise is a classic favorite in the realm of nude lipsticks! Women swear by this lippie for years now and it has never failed them! It’s the perfect nude lipstick with a tinge of pink that’s just perfect for the spring and summer season. Still, I think, this shade is better on women with medium skin.


Do you want to know more about wearing the right nude lipstick for your skin tone? Let YouTuber AnchalMUA tell you the perfect match:

Apart from my favorite vampire red lipstick, my nude lipsticks are my faves! I think nude lippies are the perfect lippies because they’re easy to work with. No need to worry about how your eye makeup will match your lips and no more worrying about a full face makeup as well. And since I’m fond of the no-makeup makeup look, I’m very excited to shop for more nude lipstick shades in the coming weeks. Spring, I’m ready for you!

Do you have your own go-t0 nude lipstick shade? Let us know your faves in the comments section below! It’s time to practice on your spring makeup look. Why not start with The Perfect Spring Makeup Tutorial?

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  • unseeliepixie
    Posted April 10, 2017 at 11:54 am

    My absolute favorite is Clinique’s Tendeheart. I’ve lived it ever since they first released it and it was next to impossible to find the pot gloss version of it at the time. If they ever discontinue it, I don’t know what I’ll do! I guess I’d better save this list just in case!

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