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Conference Call Makeup: How To Look Put Together In 10 Minutes

This very common scenario might keep following you since we have worked from home for weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Your last alarm just went off after tons of snoozed ones. In exactly 15 minutes, you have to be ready for a conference call on Zoom or Facetime, but you overslept and just rolled out of bed. In a Morley, pajama, or sweatpants, you need at least 5 minutes to quickly brush your teeth, wash your face, and get dressed from the waist up. Sit down by the computer; now, you only have 10 minutes left to touch up your look. 

Continue reading to get more tips and tricks to achieve a lively and professional look in front of your boss and colleagues.

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In this article:

  1. Simple Hairstyle
  2. Makeup Time!


Simple Hairstyle

When it comes to an online meeting, your hairstyle is not the only thing to be seen since sometimes poor internet connection will blur your makeup look, and webcam only shows chest and above. But just in case, to look fresh and professional in merely 10 minutes, an easy and simple hairstyle is the way to go.

Low Bun and Low Ponytail are 2 styles that should be considered to use in this “worst situation.” Your hair doesn’t need to be super clean and straight in the morning. It could be greasy and disheveled, but it can be covered up in a few minutes. Simply brush your hair into a middle-parted or side-parted style, and make a bun or ponytail. It could be a high bun or ponytail, but you can save your time by making it low.

Sometimes it can be easier for you to decorate your hair with an accessory. Comb it straight and simply put a headband on to keep it shaped.


Makeup Time!


Moisturizer is a must in your well-shaped, lively, professional look. Whether you’re home or not, hydrating your skin is an essential part of any makeup application.

Quickly apply it with your already washed hands and be ready for the next step.


Glowy Foundation and Concealer

Mix foundation with some glowy cream, then apply onto your moisturized skin. Tap and press with your hands to make it fast. Focus on your black spots and red, oily areas.

Kill your under-eye circles and stubborn spots by adding some concealer.


Blush and Highlighter

Even when you’re in an HD online meeting, you may look a little washed out sometimes. Blushing up the cheeks will give more lives to your appearance. Consider bright pink or red color to warm up your face and quickly use that blush color as an eyeshadow.

Since you already moisturized and used a glowy foundation, you just need a small amount of highlighter focus on the top of the nose, upper lip, cheekbones, browbones.


Brow Gel and Mascara

There is not much time left to intricate eyebrows. Use a brow gel to them in place and make it darker. Shaped eyebrows will really give your complexion a lift.

Curl your lashes and swipe on some dark mascara to make your eyes brighter, deeper on camera.



When time is tight, you better skip the lip liner. Pick a red or bright lip color to show up beautifully and sparkly. Apply it correctly to help level up your makeup look.


Time’s up! Now you’re ready to rock up the world. Show your profession and productivity to everybody in your virtual meeting with your neat and glowy look.

Don’t forget to adjust the light in your room to push up your appearance. Natural light in the morning will be the best choice.

Share with us your quick online meeting look by following these tips in the comment section below!

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