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DIY Makeup Vanity With Lights

Be your own amateur electrician and create a lighted makeup vanity without spending hundreds of dollars!

Having a makeup vanity table makes your morning routine extra special. But nothing makes makeup application more extraordinary than having a lighted makeup vanity, just like the pros.! So level up your daily makeup routine by creating your own easy DIY makeup vanity with lights.

Here are the steps:

Easy to do makeup vanity mirror with lights

How to Do Makeup Vanity With Lights-Step 1

Gather all the materials you need:

  • (2) 3-light vanity bar
  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • Extension Cord
  • A pair of scissors
  • Picture hanging strips
  • Outlet adapter
  • Wireless Remote Lamp Control (optional)
Get everything you need to get started
Use a remote lamp control for wireless control of your vanity lights

Step 2

The vanity light bar will include end caps (orange caps), please hold on to two of them.

The end caps are very important to avoid wire sparks

Step 3

Now it’s time to feel like an electrical genius!

Behind the vanity light bars, there is a black wire and a white wire that you want to hide. To do that, you must remove the light socket holders to remove the main frame from the electrical unit.

Remove the light socket holders

How to Do Makeup Vanity With Lights-Step 4

Once you’ve separated the frame and electrical unit, thread the wires back inside.

Slide through the wire to hide it

After that, grab the black and white wire.

Separate the white and black wires so you can use them  easily later

Step 5

Now get the extension cord and cut the plug from the cord.

Cut off the plug from the extension cord

How to Do Makeup Vanity With Lights-Step 6

Using the scissors, cut gently in between the cord to separate the two wires.

Split the cord into two separate wires

These two wires are what you will connect to the vanity light bar’s black and white wires. How will you know which one to connect? The part of the cord with raised ridges is for the white wire, while the side with smooth edges is for the black wire.

How to know which wire to connect?

Step 7

You will now have to remove the wire covering to be able to hook it up to the wires from the vanity light bar.

To do this, cut the wire coating gently, just enough to cut through the coating without damaging the wire. If you’ve done this, just wiggle the wire covering until you’ve completely removed it. Do the same for the other wire.

Cut wire coating gently and remove

Step 8

You are now ready to connect white to white and black to black wires. Twist the wires together and make sure that both sets of wires are wrapped around each other.

Twist like wires together

Step 9

Cover the twisted wires with the end caps (Step #2) and then hide the wires inbetween the frame and the electrical unit.

Cover exposed wires with end caps

How to Do Makeup Vanity With Lights-Step 10

Assemble the vanity light bar and then install the light bulbs. Plug the cord into the outlet and check to make sure it works.

Re-assemble the vanity light bar and test it

Step 11

If you want to switch on/off the vanity lights remotely or with a wireless remote, just plug the cord into the wireless remote’s plug-in receiver and that’s it!

Switch lights on and off wirelessly

Step 12

Attach the hanging strips at the back of the vanity light bar and stick it on the wall.

Hang the vanity light bar in place

Did your makeup vanity table suddenly transform into this? Congratulations you have created your very own lighted vanity on a budget!

The new lights make your room oh-so-pretty!

How was your first electrical DIY experience? I’m sure it was worth the effort considering how much of a rock star you’ll feel with your newly improved makeup vanity with lights!

Want to watch the full tutorial, watch here:


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