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5 Natural DIY Facial Moisturizer Recipes From Household Products

Moisturizing your skin is an important regimen as soon as you hit your 20’s. Now that we are in the middle of a lockdown, it might be the best time for you to try these 5 DIY moisturizer recipes, instead of going out to buy one.

Check them out to keep your skin feeling supple and looking glowy all throughout this season.

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Pamper Yourself With These DIY Facial Moisturizer Recipes

1. Aloe Vera Face Moisturizer

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This is probably the easiest DIY skin moisturizer you will ever get your hands on and I think, for this reason, it is wonderful to have this plant around your house. You may use this as your DIY natural moisturizer once a week and it will work wonders!

What You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Aloe vera plant/leaf
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Flat foundation brush

How To:

  1. Cut a mature aloe vera leaf from the plant or if you were able to buy an aloe vera plant from the market before the lockdown, you may use that as well.
  2. Wash the leaf under running water.
  3. Peel of the skin of the Aloe Vera starting from the base.
  4. Cut the aloe vera meat into squares.
  5. Mash the Aloe Vera meat using a mortar and pestle.
  6. Apply to your face using a flat foundation brush.
  7. Let it set on the skin before rinsing.

2. DIY Enriched Coconut Oil Moisturizer

A lot of us are aware of how moisturizing and skin-loving coconut oil is but I bet you did not know how easy it is to create inside your home. Here’s how you can make your own DIY moisturizer out of coconut oil and a few other ingredients.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa butter
  • 2 tsp. of almond oil
  • 5 to 10 drops of frankincense(optional)

How To:

  1. Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix with a hand mixer until fluffy with high peaks.
  3. Place mixture in a small jar with a lid.
  4. Place in cool storage and this is ready to use after cleansing your face.

3. Anti-Aging Cream with Frankincense and Myrrh

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Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils are both known for their anti-aging and skin regeneration properties. Adding them to your kitchen staple will give you the DIY anti-aging cream of your dreams. You won’t believe how simple it is so I am sharing it with you.

What You’ll Need:

  • 35 grams beeswax – melted
  • 2 oz avocado oil
  • 10 drops frankincense essential oil
  • 10 drops myrrh essential oil
  • 5 drops tea tree oil (optional)

How To:

  1. Begin by melting the beeswax in low heat over fire.
  2. Once the beeswax is melted, mix the essential oils together with the avocado oil.
  3. Let it sit to cool.
  4. Place in a wide-mouth container with a tight lid.
  5. Use every night as a night cream.

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4. DIY Jojoba Oil Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Jojoba Oil | Natural DIY Facial Moisturizer Recipes From Household Products | essential oil moisturizer

Jojoba oil is a skin moisturizer that tells your skin to produce less sebum if used along with vegetable glycerin — which pulls moisture from the air. The combination makes for a really good DIY facial moisturizer perfect for oily skin.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup aloe vera juice as base
  • 5 ml jojoba oil
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin

How To:

  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2.  Transfer to a used spritz bottle.
  3. Shake well before use.
  4. Spray on as mist for a lightweight moisturizing spritzer.

5. Shea Butter and Avocado Oil Face Cream

Clear Glass Container With Coconut Oil | Natural DIY Facial Moisturizer Recipes From Household Products | homemade skin moisturizer

This DIY face lotion is perfect for dry skin. It is creamy, emollient and full of fatty acids to help drench your skin in moisture. Surprisingly, it is quite easy to create in your own kitchen!

What You’ll Need:

  •  1/2 cup shea butter
  • 1 teaspoon avocado oil
  • 10 drops rosehip oil

How To:

  1. Melt the shea butter in low heat.
  2. Once melted, add the avocado oil and the rosehip oil.
  3. Whip the mixture until it forms a creamy consistency.
  4. Transfer in a glass jar with lid
  5. Store in a cool place and apply on your face every day.

So, there you have it! If you ever run out of your favorite moisturizer during this lockdown period, now you know how you can create one in the comforts of your home with these simple DIY moisturizer recipes.

Are you a fan of DIY skincare? If yes, let me know what your favorite DIY recipes are especially during this lockdown? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments section below.


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