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Let Us Spray: A Guide to Always Smelling Exquisite

They say that first impression lasts, and this has been our lifetime mantra. Wanting to create the best impact to others, to be accepted and appreciated is always part of our human nature, that is why we always strive to look our best every single day of our lives.

Looking back on our history, our ancestors see the essentiality of perfumes for various reasons: to honor a love, attracting a desired opposite sex and as a way to make you stand out from the others in the society. Meanwhile, biology explains the connection of wanting the best aroma in the pheromones, a chemical that triggers social behavior.

Fast forward to the present, perfume creators continue to produce and develop various fragrances that will unleash the best assets of its users. Still, we always want to become the best by smelling the best as well. So, how can we achieve that desire? Here are some of the ways to make you smell the best all throughout the day:

  1. Avoid putting and storing your perfumes in damp places if you want them to last longer.

Who does not want a perfume that can last for as long as you want? If you do, never put them in places like bathroom or other closed areas. Heat and humidity affect the perfume because it can break down its components which can bring bad effect on the perfume’s quality. Instead, you can store them in cooler and drier areas like the vanity, or any area away from the windows.

  1. Have some petroleum jelly on your pulse points before splitzing your favorite perfume

Petroleum jelly like Vaseline, being an occlusive, has the capacity to let the perfume to stay especially if you have a dry skin.

  1. in the case of the absence of petroleum jelly, put some unscented lotion before spraying the perfume

Another thing you can use to make your perfume last longer if you have a dry skin is to apply unscented lotion first. It will make your skin quite moisty so chances are the scent can stick longer to your skin then.

  1. One of the best times to spray your favorite scent is right after taking a shower, before getting dressed.

The skin’s moisture at this time can make the scent lock into it. Moreover, it can also prevent your clothes and jewelry from getting stained.

  1. Dabbing the wrists after spraying is a sin.

Yes, you read it right. Time to reveal the truth, because dabbing after spraying will make the perfume’s top notes disappear faster from the usual. Obviously, doing this will definitely not make your favorite scent last longer.

  1. Aim for your target points and other warm areas of your body when splashing your perfume

Here are the warm areas in our body which is ideal to spray your perfume:

  • Wrists
  • Inside of the elbows
  • Neck
  • Below the midrib area
  • Behind the knees
  • Ankles
  • Calves

The mentioned areas aids in diffusing the fragrance across the whole body, especially in the calves and ankles, where it can allow the scent to last the whole day. However, a certain warm area, not all of them, to splitz your perfume.

  1. If you want to achieve a lighter smell, spray the perfume in the air and gradually walk into it

Doing this can dispense evenly to the body, leaving only a certain amount of scent when you prefer to not be smelly.

  1. An alcohol-based perfume will be more effective if you will spray it on your hairbrush and not directly on your hair

Spraying a scent that is alcohol-based on your hair will just dry it out, so do it in the hairbrush instead. Besides, doing this will save your hair from being undamaged.

  1. If you insist on doing so, then choose an alcohol-based perfume that can be sprayed directly to your hair.
  2. Make yourself familiar even with the simple fragrance terminologies so that you can be knowledgeable on what the sales people are referring to you, and for your own benefit as well.
  3. The last drops of your perfume should not be go to waste and it can be done by pouring it out to your unscented lotion.
  4. To avoid bringing the whole perfume bottle if you are in a hurry, spray the perfume on the cotton swabs and put them in sandwich bags inside your bag.

This will definitely save you on your quick retouches.

  1. To achieve an amazing smell in your casual dresses and towels, line your drawers with tissue papers sprayed with your favorite perfume.
  2. Another way for a better smell of your dresses in the cabinets is by putting scented soaps wrapped in a thin layer of tissue paper inside your closet.
  3. if your favorite perfume has some body cream and wash, do not hesitate to use them as well.

Just as how your fashion style reflects your character, so is your perfume. If you are  still on the look for a perfume that can truly define your attitude, you can try Fragrance 365.

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