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Mature Makeup to Dazzle on The Red Carpet

Helen Mirren never fails to look spectacular on the red carpet. Despite her age, she still pulls off a smokey eye look and even dons bright red lips. Many mature women wonder how Helen pulls off this party look without looking like she’s trying too hard to look young and hip. Today, you’ll learn how to accomplish this red carpet party looks for mature women in just 15 simple steps.

Mature Makeup to Dazzle on The Red Carpet

Evening parties are the perfect time to transform yourself. Are you ready to give it a try?

Step 1

The first step is to apply face primer. A primer works amazingly on older women’s skin because it helps fill in the lines and create a smoother surface for makeup. Also, it makes the makeup last longer so you won’t be bothered with retouches during the party.

Step 2

If the primer is completely dry, apply a base foundation. Make sure you pick something that matches your skin tone on the face and neck. Also, pick one with a matte finish. Apply with a foundation brush.

Step 3

After the base foundation, you need to apply concealer. Concealer is helpful in hiding parts that you don’t want to be seen, like age spots, blemishes, dark circles, and redness. Pick a concealer in the same color as your base foundation so they can blend together smoothly. For older women, a creamy concealer is best.

Step 4

Moving on to the eyes, you will need to apply eye primer. It is a perfect eyeshadow base and will make the eyeshadow last longer.

Step 5

While letting the eye primer dry, work on your eyebrows. Using a brow filler, apply using light feathery strokes to fill in the eyebrows. After filling in, use a spoolie to tidy up the hair. Don’t rush this part because your eyebrows not only frame the eyes, but also the entire face.

Step 6

By this time, your eye primer is dry and you can start by applying eyeshadow. Start with a charcoal shade and use an angled brush for application. This is your base color for the smokey eye. Pick a matte finish and apply generously on your eyelids. Blend once you’re done with the application.

Step 7

When you’re done with the lids, it’s time to color up the crease and socket line. Use a taupe shade for the rest of the eyelid and apply slightly above the socket line. This will create a more dramatic effect for your smokey eye. Don’t forget to blend with your base eyeshadow color afterward.

Step 8

You must also color in the lower lash line. First, use taupe for definition. Avoid drawing hard edges or lines as this doesn’t look good on older women. After that, apply charcoal eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyes.

Step 9

Highlighting is your secret weapon. Using a highlighter, apply under the eyebrows (for a more defined arch), on the T-zone, cheekbones and around the lips to make your lips stand out. Highlighting makes your makeup more flattering.

Step 10

Blend the highlighter and eyeshadow together for a smoother smokey eye look. The secret to great smokey eyes is in the blending!

Step 11

You’re almost done with your eye makeup. Now, it’s time to curl those eyelashes to open up the eyes.

Step 12

Apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes. With the bottom lashes, use the end of the wand to prevent excess product on the lashes that can spill to your undereye. Two coats should be enough, but you can always add an extra coat for dramatic eyes.

Step 13

After the eyes, you can now go back to adding color to the face with a blusher. For an evening look, the best choice for blushers are the stronger colors. Pink tones look beautiful on older women.

Step 14

We’re almost done! It’s time to prepare the lips for color. Apply a lip primer on to make sure that the lip color stays throughout the night.

Step 15

To complete the look, apply a cherry red lip color on your lips using a lipstick brush for precise application. While many older women would stay away from bright lips, we know that it’s a great color for an evening look. Need proof? Just look at Helen Mirren pulling off those red lips.

Daytime and nighttime makeup for older women are worlds apart. When it comes to daytime makeup, the look is more subtle with more careful application. Plus, the natural daylight is quite unforgiving.

On the other hand, nighttime makeup is something you can enjoy and play with more. At night, the artificial lights are not as harsh as natural daylight, hence, you can get away with using stronger colors and more makeup on the face. So, don’t be afraid to wear sexy smokey eyes and red lips for your party makeup look!

Watch the full tutorial here:

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