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Pretty Woman Blue Makeup | Euphoric Pastel Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial | Featured

Euphoric Pastel Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

Pastel blue is the perfect eye color makeup for spring. It’s bright, it’s edgy, and because it can be a statement in itself, it is pretty easy to put on and wear. Oh not to mention, it’s one of the Spring/Summer 2020 makeup looks from the runway.

Let’s take this simple makeup tutorial by Mariah Leonard to drive the blues away, shall we?

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Step Into Spring With This Pastel Blue Makeup Look

Products You’ll Need for the Pastel Blue Makeup Tutorial:

  • Foundation – Nars Natural Radiant Longwear
  • Concealer – Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer
  • Brow Pomade – Got2B Messmerizing Putty
  • Brow Pencil – Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Pencil
  • Blue Eyeshadow Palette – Colourpop Blue Moon Palette
  • Mascara – Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara
  • Bronzer – Bare Minerals Warm Tan Foundation
  • Blush – Em Cosmetics Magic Hour Blush
  • Highlighter – Stellar Face Sculptor Contour and Highlighting Palette
  • Lip Liner – Marc Jacobs Nude(ist) Lip Liner
  • Lip Gloss – Em Cosmetics Caramel Glaze True Gloss

Step 1: Ace Your Base

Here, Mariah started out by perfecting her base. She used a foundation that matches her skin tone and a concealer to perfect her under-eye area. She also used the concealer around her face to erase dark spots.

Step 2: Fill Your Brows

The next step is to fill your brows. First, she used a brow pomade to shape and frame her eyebrows.

After, she used a brow pencil to define and fill her eyebrows.

Tip: Creating a bushy brow look works best for this pastel blue eyeshadow makeup because it creates balance to the eye area.

Step 3: Pick Your Blue

Mariah Leonard used Colourpop’s Blue Moon eyeshadow palette to achieve this look. Going for the lighter matte colors on the story.

Using the light pastel blue color “Moonlite”, swipe your blending brush across your socket area to create a transition color right where your folds are. You may blend upwards ever so lightly to create an even wash of colors.

Step 4: Fill Your Eyelids

The next step is to fill your brush with the darker pastel blue color on the palette, “Starry Eyed.” Put this all over the lid from the roots of the lashes all the way to the transition color.

She also topped the whole lid space with a sheer wash of the color “Da Ba Dee” to create a deeper hue. This may be out of personal preference but I personally like it done this way too because it creates a deeper blue color that makes the eyes pop.

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Step 5: Volumize Your Lashes

Using a volumizing mascara, apply a generous coat to your eyelashes. Take note that no eyeliner will be used for this look.

Step 6: Add Warmth

In order to create depth to the overall look, add warmth to the face using a bronzer or a deeper colored foundation. Concentrate on the cheekbones and swipe it at the base of your hairline. Blend all of it together to create a natural heat to the face.

Step 7: Flush the Cheeks

The key to the blush on this look is by using a light wash of blush color with illuminating pigments. Such is the Em Cosmetics Magic Hour Blush that Mariah just on the apples of the cheeks.

Step 8: Let There Be Light

To create light and airy spring feel to this look, a finely milled highlighter is used on the high points of the cheeks and the brow area.

Last Step: Finish off With Nude Lips

Finishing off this simple blue pastel makeup look is a nude lip color. Mariah first applied a lip liner to contour her lip shape and also to give color then she topped it off with a pigmented lip gloss.

This color combination balances the entire look and creates that vibrant, easy-going feel of the Spring season.

Here is Mariah Leonard’s finished look. Her pastel blue eyeshadow look really stood out and yet she has kept it simple and very wearable:

You can opt to watch the full tutorial from Mariah Leonard here:

I really enjoyed that pastel blue eyelid makeup tutorial by Mariah Leonard, it’s simple enough and quick enough to do to on your own even without a lot of fancy products.

Did you enjoy this blue pastel look as much as I did? Show us your spring-inspired makeup look by sharing it in the comments below.


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