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Woman wearing black formal suit jacket with white eyeliner | Wearable High Fashion Spring/Summer Makeup Looks | Featured

12 Runway Spring/Summer Makeup Looks & How To Wear Them [With Pics]

What better way to beat boredom than recreating the spring/summer makeup looks of S/S 2020?

Us makeup lovers don’t need to go out just to put on makeup. And this season’s bright, fresh new looks will surely give you the inspiration you desperately crave. So ready your brightest eyeshadow palettes because there will be a lot of playful and colorful eye trends on this list!

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Instagram-Worthy Spring/ Summer Makeup Looks


1. Floating Eyeliner Makeup Look

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

In addition to the bright and lively colors of the spring/summer runway makeup looks, I also look forward to the creative ways of using such vivid colors on your face.

The floating eyeliner has been a runway staple and it’s taking the makeup scene by storm. Peter Pilotto and Chromat showed so much art and creativity with this look during their fashion shows. While this look is not necessarily new, remember the graphic eyeliner trend? In fact, we’ve been seeing this type of eyeliner application as early as the sixties, just check out Twiggy’s iconic looks.

What made the floating eyeliner trend a hit is its exciting way of using different colors for the application. Just take a look at this makeup tutorial above from the famous and super talented Dubai based makeup artist Hindash.

If you’re like us you probably own different shades of eyeliners but if you don’t that’s fine. What’s great about most of the eyeliner looks for the spring/summer 2020 is you can make use of your eyeshadows so there’s no need to spend.

Get This Look:

  1. Choose a red base shade from your eyeshadow collection and grab a thin eyeliner brush.
  2. With your makeup setting spray, moist your brush. Dip your brush on the red shade shadow pan and apply it as close as possible to your upper lash line and extend it a little upward, just like a winged eyeliner.
  3. You can repeat this step until you get your desired color density.
  4. Once you’ve perfectly lined your upper lash line you connect it toward your crease and follow the line of your crease. You can either blur it out or you can go all out and make it dark.

Great tip: Oh and for this particular look you can even use your long-wearing liquid lipstick. Jeffree Star has been doing this and so as many makeup lovers. We tried it and it worked fine. Did you have the same experience? We’d love to know.

2. Powder or Sapphire Blue Eyes


We instantly wanted to copy this look when first seen from the Marc Jacobs runway. We don’t know about you but the powder blue eyeshadow is going to be our go-to eyeshadow color this spring and summer. Depending on your mood you can either wear powder blue eyes or bold sapphire eyes.

We’ve been expecting to see more peach this season, but this pop of color certainly did not disappoint.

Get This Look:

You don’t really need to have much skills to achieve this look.

  1. Grab your fluffy blending brush and dip it on your palette.
  2. Apply the color all over your lids and voila!
  3. Apply mascara for your final step.

Noticed how this eye makeup look is paired with little to almost no face makeup?

3. Neon Bright Lids

Woman With Red Lipstick And Black Mascara | Wearable High Fashion Spring/Summer Makeup Looks

Did we mention that this season is all about playful eyes? The neon-bright lids stood out to me when we first saw it at Oscar de la Renta’s show. Commonly seen on editorial spreads neon shades for your eyes are truly a stand-out trend this season. In fact, this is one of my favorite summer makeup looks from the list.

Have fun playing with colors just make sure your neon eye makeup compliments your lip color. And to make this eye makeup trend everyday friendly, you can opt to downplay it by using a single eyeshadow color, just like the photo above.

Get This Look:

  1. Using your fluffy blending brush grab a bright yellow shade from your palette.
  2. Apply it all over your lids and a little on your lower lash line.
  3. Finish this eye makeup look by applying a volumizing mascara.

4. White Eyeliner For The Win

Woman Wearing White Eyeliner Red Lipstick | Wearable High Fashion Spring/Summer Makeup Looks

Have you ever thought of wearing a white eyeliner? Well, you’ll be surprised at how great it can look on you.

Wearing a white eyeliner is a perfect way to get your feet wet from all the eye makeup looks available this season. It’s not as bold as the other eye makeup trends this yet it’s still fun and fresh. We saw this look from Pamella Roland and we fell in love instantly.

Get This Look:

  1. Apply a nude eyeshadow color to your entire crease, this serves as your eyeshadow base.
  2. Next, apply a dark taupe shadow on the outer part of your eyes and blend.
  3. Dab your eyeshadow brush to your gold shimmer shadow and apply it on the inner part of your eyes.
  4. Now you can apply your eye white liner, you can opt to fully line your upper lash line or just focus on the outer end.
  5. Finally, apply mascara and add falsies if you want.

Unlike with the first look, I don’t think a white eyeshadow will work as an alternative to a white eyeliner because it’s not going to be as opaque as you want it.

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5. Metallic Eyes

Blond Close Up Eyes Face | Wearable High Fashion Spring/Summer Makeup Looks

If you think we’re finished with eye makeup for the spring/summer trends you are wrong!

You’ve probably noticed by now that eye makeup game is strong for the spring and summer makeup looks. If you’re not a fan of neon eyelids, you can certainly try this metallic eyes for your spring or summer makeup look.

There is no doubt that rockstar eyes are in this season. It’s like a glamorous update to your smokey eyes, more fun and more vibrant.

Get This Look:

This one is not as simple as it looks, because you could easily end up looking like a raccoon if you don’t play it right.

The technique here is with the brush and the right application. I suggest using a nude color shadow for your base then black and metallic silver eyeshadow shades. Now, instead of the usual fluffy blending brush opt for an eye shader brush and a crease brush.

  1. With your shader brush, apply the nude color eyeshadow all over your lids up to your crease.
  2. Next, dip your eye shader on the black shade first and dab it lightly on your eyelids, do not go over the crease.
  3. Apply the metallic silver next. Depending on the intensity you want you can go back and add more just follow the same step black first then silver.
  4. Using your crease brush lightly blend out the eyeshadow from your lids toward your crease to blend the colors together.
  5. With your eye shader brush apply a little metallic silver on your lower lash line, then apply black eyeliner on your waterline and your upper lash line.
  6. Finally, curl your lashes and apply your mascara to finish the look.

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7. Embellished Eyes


From fashion shows to music festivals, we have seen everyone rock eye embellishments this season. Dries Van Noten and Anna Sui played it up during their fashions show by adding stars and pearls as eye embellishments. Off-White, on the other hand, opted for “meteor shower eyes.”

Keeping your eye makeup bare and popping an eye embellishment like a heart applique will do the magic. Whether you go all out or choose a subtler approach you will surely turn heads with this look. You can also use glitter eyeshadows, sequins, leaf flakes or even pearls if you want!

For this look please make sure that you have cosmetic grade leaf flakes. Also, it’s important to do a skin test first to avoid possible irritations or allergic reactions.

Get This Look:

It’s important that you groom your eyebrows for this look because everyone’s attention will surely be focused on your eyes. Once your eyebrows are all set, you have two choices use a clear gloss or a lash glue to help the cosmetic grade leaf flakes adhere to your eyes. Regardless, these leaf flakes are easy to remove, you just have to wash it off.

  1. With your shader brush, apply the gloss or the lash glue on your eyelids.
  2. Using the same brush, pick up the flakes and dab it on your eyelids.
  3. Lastly, apply a mascara.

Whether you go all out or choose the subtle route, this spring/summer makeup look will surely turn heads.

6. Retro Winged Liner Is Back!

Woman Standing Beside Palm Tree| Wearable High Fashion Spring/Summer Makeup Looks

Or did it really ever go out of fashion? While this classic eye makeup look is still very much on-trend during the 2020 spring/summer fashion shows, you will notice how it’s being paired with barely-there face makeup.

Lanvin makeup artists downplayed the winged liner look by simply adding a short-winged tip to the models. But if you prefer a more dramatic approach you should check out models from Dolce & Gabanna and Jeremy Scott’s fashion show.

Get This Look:

  1. A great tip for this hard to achieve the look is to do your normal eyeliner application first, do not add the wing yet.
  2. Once you’re done get an expired id card or credit card you have lying around use this as a template guide for the wing. Do a short-winged tip first, if you want it to be longer you can always go back and add more.
  3. Lastly, apply a volumizing or lengthening mascara for that extra flare.

Interesting Tip: We’ve seen videos of makeup lovers using a spoon to achieve a perfect winged liner, haven’t tried it but it definitely looks cool. Have you tried it? We want to know how it goes.

Check out this hack shared by Michelle Phan:


8. Gloss, Gloss, Gloss…

Photo Of Topless Woman | Wearable High Fashion Spring/Summer Makeup Looks

It seems like fresh dewy skin was the focal point of the S/S 2020 runway. This face makeup look is all about showing your skin, so all those meticulous skincare routine you’ve been doing will finally pay off.

Remember the glass skin trend? This is pretty much the same only, you add more gloss to the areas you usually apply your highlighter to.

Get This Look:

Instead of using pigmented highlighters, you use a clear gloss. You apply it on your lids, lips, and face. Don’t forget to groom your brows, add mascara and a pigmented lipgloss.

9. Pink Blushing Cheeks

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=800]

Peach is out and pink is in for the cheeks. The blushing pink cheeks took center stage for this year’s S/S 2020. Depending on your skin tone you can opt to wear neutral or cooler pink-toned base blushers.

Youthful, fresh-faced pink blush was the go-to look at Hermes runway.

Get This Look:

  1. Choose the perfect pink shade that will work well with your skin tone.
  2. Next, dip your blusher brush on the pan and tap off the excess.
  3. With a light hand, apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks. But don’t limit your application there, you can also add some blush on the bridge of your nose, temples and even under your brow bones.


10. Full Red Lips

Embed from Getty Images

The classic red lip is here to stay and this is one of the reasons why we love this year’s spring/summer makeup looks. This time around though the bold red lip color is best partnered with a clean, barely-there face makeup as seen from Karlie Kloss who attended the Christian Dior Couture S/S 2020.

Get This Look:

You can use a warm or cool tone red lipstick as long as it’s vibrant and bold. Our go-to? Charlotte Tilbury’s Red Carpet Red from their Matte Revolution line.

11. Wet Juicy Pout

Woman Wearing Head Scarf | Wearable High Fashion Spring/Summer Makeup Looks

The glossy lips look is slowly crawling its way back on trend this spring and summer season. A high gloss lip lends a fresh perspective to your look and also compliments a golden tan beautifully. Don’t forget to stay hydrated for a moisturized and supple-looking pout.

Get This Look:

Apply your favorite nude lipstick and top it up with a clear gloss. Maybelline New York Shine Shot Lip Topcoat in Clear Vinyl is super affordable!

@abbyritter18clear lip gloss for the win boys ##lipgloss ##makeup ##foryou♬ euphoria s1e1 OST – basedgod6ix9

12. Vampy Goth Lips

Embed from Getty Images
Surprise surprise! In contrast to the usual bright colors, spring and summer have to offer vampy goth lips are actually on trend this season. Take it from Bella Hadid as she walked the runway for Max Mara and Prada at the Milan Fashion Week.

Her vampy almost black lipstick caught the attention of everyone during the fashion week and everybody who’s anybody has been wearing the vampy goth lip color trend since then.

A great update of this gothic look is it’s no longer paired with the usual white-faced makeup and dark eye shadow. Who would have thought that a vampy colored lipstick could look great with a pastel blue eyeshadow?

Get This Look:

  1. Bring out your vampiest colored lipstick, swipe it on your clean moisturized lips!
  2. Add some pastel blue eyeshadow and you’re good to go.

And if you’re on the lookout for the best dark lipstick in the market, I highly recommend Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Plum Role, we love love love the formula.

Check out this inspiring spring makeup tutorial by Amys Makeup Box:

Spring and summer makeup looks are all about vibrant and fresh colors! Above all, don’t forget to have fun when recreating these trends. And we highly suggest adding your ideas to these inspirations and find out what works well together to better suit your style.

So which one is your favorite out of all the spring and summer makeup inspirations on this list? Let me know in the comments below and if you’re looking for the best products perfect for the upcoming summer heat, check out this post.


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