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Feature | Perfect Prom Hairstyles | Makeup Tutorials Guide

24 Perfect Prom Hairstyles | Makeup Tutorials Guide

Prom hairstyles are very important. You may have the perfect prom dress and show-stopping shoes but everything will fall apart without the right hairstyle. Your face will be the first thing people see! Whether it’s a french braid, a braided updo, bob hairstyles, wavy hairstyles, or formal hairstyles, you can find here a style to fit your hair type.

Prom Hairstyles Which are Picture Perfect for Prom Night


Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Got those long locks? Perfect! There are tons of hairstyle ideas to choose from. Let’s see some cute girls hairstyles here:

1. Simple Hair Down Do

Want an easy to do look for prom night? All this look requires is soft, smooth hair, a couple of bobby pins, and a bit of volume on the crown and you’ll be runway ready for prom.

2. Romantic Updo

This romantic prom updo may take a little work but isn’t the end result worth it? If your dress is long, flowy, and elegant, then this is the updo hairstyle for you.

3. Floral Half Up Do

If you want something fun and easy-to-do, you can go with this flower braid half up half down hairstyle. This is definitely one of those gorgeous prom hairstyles which look perfect with curly and wavy hair.

4. Bow Bun

Because a bouffant is so last season, this year, why not go for a bow bun? Trade the classic bouffant hairstyle to something more modern. Plus, this bow bun is so cute, adorable, and very girly!

5. High Ponytail

We’re a huge fan of formal ponytail hairstyles. It’s because we don’t want to keep worrying about our hair during an event and a ponytail will make sure our hair stays in place. If you’re looking for a ponytail hairstyle, you can try this one out. Nothing a curling iron can’t accomplish.

6. Retro Waves

The side swept wavy hair is always a huge hit at formal occasions. This classic vintage look will never go out of style It’s timeless and ever so elegant. To stick with the vintage theme, pair this hairstyle with a bold red lipstick.

7. Slick It Back

Want to veer away from the usual wavy and curly prom hairstyles? Well, go edgy and sleek with this rockin’ slick-back hairstyle which looks great on tight-fitting dresses.

Prom Hairstyles for Medium Hair

If you have medium length hair, there are plenty of easy prom hairstyles you can do as well. Check out these medium hairstyles:

1. Sexy Waves

Some girls like their waves to fall in different directions while others just want them to be neat and clean. If you fall into the latter category, you may just love this hairstyle. For a vintage touch, curl your bangs sideways.

2. Loose Halo

Are you looking for a hairstyle fit for a princess? This loosely twisted halo tutorial will not only make you the fairest of them all, it will also make you look like a divine angel!

3. Ribbon Bouffant Updo

Let’s go back to the 60’s shall we? If you’re a fan of anything or everything vintage, this is a prom hairstyle you’ll love. This beehive hairstyle is sleek and charming. Channel the inner Brigitte Bardot in you!

4. Glam Vintage

Now, this is another vintage prom hairstyle you might look for your medium-length hair. It’s a glam vintage look which parts the hair on the side, putting the spotlight on those soft waves. Only medium hair girls can pull off this look to the tee!

5. Fancy Faux Hawk

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Dare to be different but not too bold or edgy? I’ve got the perfect hairstyle for you! This fancy faux hawk is both unique and elegant. There’s the sass you’re looking for without leaving the sophistication behind.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Calling all short-haired gals, we’ve got the perfect short prom hairstyles for you too!

1. Wispy Updo

Yes girl! Your short hair can turn into a beautiful wispy updo! You will just need bobby pins, hair spray, and tons of patience to pull this off.

2. Prom Pixie

When it comes to pixie cuts, Michelle Williams is a great hair inspiration. She wears the pixie, like it’s nobody’s business. If I were you, take her lead for your short hair prom hairstyle.

3. Classic Vintage

If you want to go super vintage, you can do that too! Curl your hair in big waves and just let it fall into place. Don’t forget the red lipstick!

4. Simple Headband Do

Simple and pretty, this short prom hairstyle will suit any princess-y dress. Just slick the hair back and wear a plain thin headband and that’s it! Because really, most often than not, being simple seals the deal.

5. Half Up Half Down for Short Hair

Emma Watson is one of those girls who love short hairstyles. One of my favorite red carpet hairstyles from her is this one. It’s beautiful and so classy! It’s the perfect hairstyle for girls with short hair as it can look great with any dress!

Braided Hairstyles for Prom

With braided hairstyles trending right now, I think we need an entire category for it. So if you’re into braids and can’t get enough of them, here are some hairstyle ideas.

1. Braid and Bun

This hairstyle was made for Instagram (and prom). Show off your facial features by pulling your hair back into a bun. The braids add a nice bohemian touch. This is one of those cute prom hairstyles you can do by yourself.

2. Two-Tone Hair Braid

If you have two-toned hair, this look is perfect for showing off your range of hair color. If not, this look is still perfect for showing off!

3. Double Waterfall Braids

As inept as we are with waterfall braids, we can’t help but get googly-eyed over this look. Double waterfall braids add pizzazz to the entire look and the end result is a stunning hairstyle which highlights your beautiful mane.

4. Side Wrap Braid

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I mentioned earlier how popular the side swept curls look is, right? Now, add some pretty braids and you’ve elevated a classic look to a whole new level of pretty.

5. Half Up Boho Braid

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We love ethereal and fairytale-like hairstyles and because it’s so pretty, don’t just save it for prom. It’s also perfect for wedding hairstyles and for every occasion like!

6. Fishtail French Braided Bun

Sometimes a clean fishtail braid can get boring. For the ladies out there who are into the messy, effortless look, this messy bun is for you!

7. Formal Braid for Short Hair

Yep, we didn’t forget about you! Even if you have short hair, you can still rock a braided hairstyle for prom! We love this hairstyle as it is easy to do and has the wispy finish we love!


Feeling a bit anxious with your upcoming prom? Don’t be! Let Tara Michelle teach you the ultimate prom survival guide here:

Wow! Wasn’t that a juicy list or what? Whether you plan to go classic vintage, retro, glam, simple, there are prom hairstyles updos and prom hairstyles down dos to choose from. There’s really no need to panic girls. Just pick your dress and find the perfect hairstyle to go with your entire look! We hope you got great ideas from our prom hairstyles list. Enjoy prom!

Which of these prom hairstyles is your ultimate fave? Please share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

Hair and makeup always go together. After picking your hairstyle, try this Sophisticated Prom Makeup Tutorial!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on March 22, 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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