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No-Sew Reusable Cotton Rounds Step-by-Step Tutorial

It’s time to talk about reusable cotton rounds. Yes, we are in the middle of lockdown and you maybe asking yourself, why are we talking about reusable cotton rounds? Well, that is because now the perfect time to talk about them!

If you want to go zero waste, you can start by creating your own DIY reusable cotton rounds. I found the perfect tutorial for this and it doesn’t even require sewing!

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Reusable Cotton Rounds Into the Future

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Cotton flannel cloth or old cotton shirt
  • Scissors
  • Different sizes drinking glass
  • Terry cloth
  • Pins
  • Heat resistant fabric glue

Step 1: Circle Patterns for Reusable Cotton Rounds

The first step to creating your very own DIY cotton rounds is to trace circle patterns on the cloth. It’s important to find the size that works for you since you will be the one using the rounds.

Keep tracing circles on the cloth until you have filled in enough circles to make for about 15 rounds. Take note that there is a smooth and rough side to the cotton flannel cloth, so two circles will be glued together in order for the smooth side to show on either side of the round.

Step 2: Cut Patterns for Reusable Cotton Rounds

After tracing out the circle patterns, it is now time to cut them. Make sure that you use a sharp scissor or better yet a fabric scissor for efficiency.

Step 3. Put the Circles Together

By now, you should have a bunch of cotton cloth rounds. So it is time to put them together. Make sure to take the smooth side of the flannel out on either side of the rounds so that the rough portion is on the inside.

Take a pin and start pining together the two pieces of cloth. Do this for all the cotton rounds.

Step 4: Glue Them Together

If you have no sewing machine at home, the best option is to use fabric glue. Pick one that is heat resistant and will hold up through all the washing.

The next step is as easy as running the sides together with glue and waiting for them to dry up. Remember to prop up the reusable cotton rounds so that the glue does not touch another surface when drying. Once dry they are ready to use.


You can opt to use a black cotton flannel just like what Lily Rose did in this tutorial to create reusable cotton rounds for makeup removal and facial cleansing. She’s also inserted a used terry cloth inside the black rounds so that it can hold some product.

This is how the DIY reusable cotton rounds look like:

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Washable Cotton Pads Benefits

Cotton balls and rounds are probably one of the most used items in our vanities, yet we don’t realize how wasteful it is to discard cotton rounds.

So let me run down the reasons why I think it’s time we consider switching to reusable cotton rounds.

1. Sustainability

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As citizens of the earth, I think it’s important to be conscious of the way that we use our resources. Cotton rounds are created from cotton harvests using pesticides that have a direct impact on the environment.

It is mainly used in agricultural areas with other non-targeted species living in and around it. The use of pesticides creates an imbalance in the natural habitat of the area.

Aside from this, the conversion of biodiverse habitats to use for agriculture also disrupts the natural balance of the ecosystem in that area.

If you’re supporting brands that promote sustainability then this is also a great way to up the ante.

2. Zero Waste Initiative

Reusable cotton rounds are a zero-waste alternative. They are made out of organic cotton and bamboo fiber which decomposes at the end of their life span.

Compared to the regular cotton rounds packaged in plastic, reusable cotton rounds are packaged in paper, which also decomposes.  Virtually zero-waste.

3. Savings

Cash Dollars Hands Money | No-Sew Reusable Cotton Rounds Step-by-Step Tutorial | reusable cotton rounds diy

Let’s say on average a bag of cotton rounds is about $4 each and you go through about 10 bags per year. That is about 40$ per year compared to just a set of 15 reusable cotton rounds priced at an average $10. Each round can be used up to 100 times.

Let’s also take note of the current situation as it is what brought us here. Reusable cotton rounds give us less reason to buy outside. Most reusable cotton round brands have online stores helping in the initiative to stay at home during this pandemic.

Check out the full video tutorial of the DIY reusable cotton rounds from Lilly Rose:

I am truly excited to try this out myself. I have been wanting to switch to a more eco-conscious practice especially when it comes to my skincare and cosmetics.

Knowing that I can create my own DIY reusable cotton rounds without having to use a sewing machine is blowing my mind! I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing this too!

Have you ever tried using reusable cotton rounds in your skincare routine? How do you like it so far? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments section below.


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