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Cutest Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials You Should Definitely Try

Makeup doesn’t have to be glam all the time. They can be cutesy, fun, and adorable just like these easy Snapchat filter makeup tutorials you can follow!

How’s your Halloween? It was incredibly fun for me. In the afternoon, I helped my kids prepare for their annual trick or treat. In the evening, I joined my friends for an intimate but fun dinner where I got to dress up as one of the Spice Girls (Baby Spice all the way!). The next day, well, I just decided to stay home, relax, and enjoy a cup of hot tea and my favorite grilled cheese sandwich. And because I am relaxed, calm, and not busy, I’ve got enough time to look around and find these amazing Snapchat filter tutorials.

Cutest Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials You Should Definitely Try

11 Snapchat Filter Makeup How-Tos You Can Have Fun With!

I am not a huge fan of Snapchat, to be honest. I’m more of an Instagram kind of girl. However, I have to say I super love their filters. Aren’t they fun? My kids and I love to mess with them. I like them so much I’ve got not just one but two personal tutorials, which I included in this list. So . . . without further ado, I’m giving you these:


1. Lips On Eyes Filter

This isn’t exactly cute – it’s a bit gross and scary actually – but it’s super fun! It’s a way to nicely troll friends and family and take your makeup and look creativity to a whole new level. It’s very easy to do too. In fact, you can do this in less than 20 minutes! Want to see how this is done? See this tutorial.


2. Rainbow Filter

Snapchat Rainbow Filter Step Eight

This is one of the Snapchat filter tutorials I did with a friend, and we have an awesome time doing it. Personally, I love the rainbow filter. It’s one of my favorites. This takes some time and a more comprehensive makeup arsenal. Doing the rainbow itself can be tricky as well, but making yourself a true-blue copycat of the filter makes it worth your time and effort. Head here to see the tutorial.


3. Butterfly Babe Filter

Enough with the floral crown! Let’s make those golden butterflies into a reality! More than the butterflies, I adore the makeup. It’s one of the amazing everyday looks you can copy, but for the sake of broadening your imagination, why don’t you make your lips sparkle too? For a complete tutorial, watch this video.


4. Blue Butterfly Filter

Don’t like gold? Then try some blue butterflies! A lot of the time will be spent on the eyes, but once you get past that, the rest of the tutorial is going to be real easy. Here’s a nice tutorial you can follow. By the way, what are butterflies without flowers? Grow them on your nails with this gorgeous nail art!


5. Lion Filter

Add Mane | Snapchat Lion Filter Super Cute Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I’ve given you my personal Snapchat filter tutorial #1. Now this is my #2: lion filter! Let me tell you, this is one of the easiest makeup tutorials I’ve made. No kidding. When I say you can do this in 20 minutes or less, I truly mean it. What’s more, you need only three types of makeup and some creativity to get your mane up. Want to know how I did this look? Check this out.


6. Comic Book Filter

Others call this pop art, but whether you prefer this to be comic book or pop art, the look is basically the same. I’ve checked out quite a number of tutorials out there, and this by far is the quickest and most ideal for beginners. Plus you got a perfect excuse to use your Urban Decay Flushed makeup! For the lips, I recommend any of these bold red matte lipsticks. Click this for the tutorial.


7. Lace Mask Filter

Let’s pretend we are in a masquerade ball with this lace mask tutorial. Coming up with those lines can be particularly challenging, especially since both sides of the face should look alike. As a tip, create traces before you make these lines more visible or prominent.


8. Strawberry Filter

Nope, you won’t be transforming your entire face into a strawberry! Rather, this is a classy take on a super-lovable Snapchat filter. The hardest part? The details, but hey, no pain, no gain. I know for sure you’re going to appreciate your look right after. See the entire tutorial here.


9. Cute Dog Filter


I have yet to find a friend who hasn’t used the cute dog filter, so I can’t leave this one out. The tutorial is pretty complex, but it’s complete, with patterns included!


10. Deer Filter

First of all, I love the space buns! Second, this is a makeup tutorial that’s incredibly easy to follow and do. I might decide to be a deer next year or perhaps one of my children. Either way, you and I will adore this look. For your tutorial, visit here.


11. Galaxy Filter

How do you make yourself into a charming alien? You wear the galaxy Snapchat filter, of course! Go intergalactic by following this tutorial. You can also check out my previous article about different galaxy makeup ideas, it’s super fun I promise.


I know you can’t get enough of these Snapchat filters! So I’ve got this news for you: I-HAVE-MORE! Check out these easy DIY Snapchat filter looks from Niki and Gabi:

Did you have fun doing these Snapchat filter tutorials? I sure did! When we did rainbow and lion, we’re basically tearing up  – I am definitely not exaggerating. But while these are great to do alone, try them with a friend. As they say, double the fun!


Do you have your own Snapchat filter tutorial? It’s time to show off your creativity! Let me know what you think of this post or share your own creation in the Comments section below. You can also complement these looks with cute nail art designs.


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