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Cutest Sun Stripping Makeup Trend You'll Find on Instagram

Cutest Sun Stripping Makeup Trend You’ll Find on Instagram

Miss your sun-kissed skin? Recreate the same glow with the newest bronzing technique called sun stripping makeup!

How are you doing with your shopping? Just in case you haven’t completed your list yet, check out the awesome holiday outfits you can buy at Mason & Ivy. I guarantee you you’ll love the pieces and the cheap prices. You can also get other kris-kringle ideas right here and also here. Let me know if I was a great help. :) Anyway, I know you’re also busy preparing your holiday looks. You’re excited to look gorgeous, although you already are. So I’m adding one more easy tip for your look: sun stripping makeup!

Create The Summer Glow With Sun Stripping Makeup!

Sun stripping makeup wait, what? Today you’ll come across all sorts of makeup terms. Understanding is key so you can appreciate what it does and get a better idea how it works and how it should be done. So before we get into the different sun stripping trends you’ll find on Instagram, let’s define it first.


What Is Sun Stripping Makeup?

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To create a Hollywood look effect, there are a lot of techniques you can do to your face: contouring, highlighting, and strobing. Contouring and highlighting usually go together and are done to emphasize your facial structure. Strobing, on the other hand, is maximizing the effect of light, especially natural light, on your skin. It is basically the technique you should learn if you want to make your face appear dewy, fresh, and radiant.

Although it has some elements of strobing since you still want to achieve a radiant glow, sun stripping makeup is an entirely different breed from these two since it’s more of a bronzing technique. This means  – tada! – bronzer is your best friend.


Where Do You Apply It?

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There are only two main areas where you apply your bronzer (for one of the best, get it here): cheeks and nose. Just apply the bronzer across your cheeks then the bridge of the nose. That’s it! Just blend it with the rest of your makeup, and you’re done with the sun stripping makeup. Easy, right?


Need Ideas?

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Sun stripping makeup is not only fun and easy, but it also works so well with other kinds of looks. Here are a few of the many you can find on Instagram:


1. It complements your classic smoky eye makeup

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There are gazillion ways to make smoky eyes (okay, I’m exaggerating here, but you get what I mean), and for your day-to-day look, you can just go for a dark eyeliner, orange or peach eyeshadow (or bronze or plum to fit the holiday makeup style), and, of course, your sun stripping makeup.


2. It works with any type of hairstyle – even curly hair

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Sun stripping works for any type of hair, including curly ones! It adds more texture and definition to your face! (PS: Is your curly hair frizzy? Then you better read this new hair care technique.)


4. It is best paired with faux freckles

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What’s the perfect partner for your pseudo sunkissed skin? Why, of course, faux freckles! They are SO easy to make. Just use an eyeliner pencil or a thin brush (or even a paper clip!) that goes well with your skin tone, place your freckles around the upper parts of your cheekbones and nose, and voila! A really cute summer look.


5. It can be applied in a wide variety of skin tones

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If you think sun stripping only works for fair skin, well, I beg to disagree. Just look at the proof above! In fact, it adds more glow to your skin.


6. It can be used for a barely there makeup look

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Would you like a more barely there look? You can also do that. Just choose a highlighter that’s closest to your skin tone or apply it very lightly on your cheeks and nose. Complement that with a matte nude lipstick and mascara, and your friends will never be able to guess how you got “the glow.”


7. It is perfect for casual days

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Running errands? That’s no excuse to look shabby. With your denim jeans and comfy top, look fab with your new go-to makeup: sun stripping!


8. It makes blue eyes bluer

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Just-look-at-that. The sun stripping makeup just makes blue eyes even more haunting and lovelier. Ah, just GORGEOUS!


9. It emphasizes a sparkly gold eyeshadow

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This holiday is all about being shimmery and glittery, so why don’t you complement your shiny gold eyeshadow with an equally shiny pair of cheeks? Complete your makeup with something matte and nude, and you emphasize your glow even better.


To really see how sun stripping makeup (and faux freckles) is done, check out this short and easy tutorial:

Don’t you love sun stripping makeup? It’s such a cool and fun way to embrace the summer in the middle of winter. I know it’s going to turn heads and make you look breathtaking whether you’re attending parties or doing your normal routines. :) Try it!


What do you think of sun stripping makeup? Share your thoughts in the comments below!  To complete your summer glow, wear the right bold lipstick


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