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Top 10 Beauty Bloggers On The Web

It’s time that we tip our hats to some of the best beauty bloggers on the web.

We’ve been scouring the web for some of the best beauty products, fashion pieces, and on trend reports. We know that one thing is crystal clear, the beauty blogs below that we’ve listed have all the the best beauty content a gal could ask for. They have everything from the best skin care tips, beauty secrets, beauty product reviews, helpful hints and advice on becoming a more beautiful you. Their trendy and simple site design also creates a user friendly atmosphere while perusing their new and interesting articles. So please take the time to check out each and every one of these special beauty blogs as we’ve come to love them here at You’re So Pretty. 

Top 10 Beauty Bloggers On The Web

Make sure to check them out if you’re looking for some helpful beauty advice!

1. beautyhigh

A sanctuary for the OC’s – me included.  I just love the layout in general and how it organizes topics – making life easier! Need I say more?! Check them out and see what I mean.

2. Refinery29

And so my obsession with white continues – what I really like about this site is the showcasing of their topics. The layout of topics with photo’s so visually enticing.  An interesting excerpt from their history “company started with just $5,000 in 2005 on a 750 square foot apartment.”  They are so good with number “5” I wonder why they add 29 to Refinery?

3. bubzbeauty

Definitely one of the asian bloggers to follow.  Bubz has that bubbly personality (truly matching her name!) – watch her YouTube vlogs and you’ll know what I mean.  I do appreciate as to how she made a detailed description without prolonging reviews and tutorials.

4. makeupandbeautyblog

Keypoints are the banner and the hover action when you try to check on the categories – no need to click.  Karen the blogger has her penchant for MAC Cosmetics but her reviews and tutorials doesn’t limit on that brand. What I also love about this blog is her clear photo resolution.  Isn’t it not that we are all visual beings, is it?

5. thebeautylookbook

One word – Regal.  The beautylookbook may not be that flashy website.  But look further into it and it will give you what you need. Navigation friendly – the categories, social media links and the rest of the must see on a site can be seen only on one side.

6. maskcara

Excerpt from beauty blogger Cara “A makeup artist and lover of all beautiful things.” And truly the blog is so beautiful. Most of the time what draws me into a blog is when they are very personal with what they are posting.  And as a visually motivated being I’m drawn as to how her categories have photos – just makes you want to check for more!

7. gh0stparties

Remember how I say that I am visually drawn to beautiful photos? These beauty blog site is a must if you are not much into reading.  The pictures itself will speak for the post – nothing more nothing less.  What I really like too are the TAGS – don’t you know that it is very essential to make life easier when searching for a specific keyword?!

8. michellephan

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the Michelle Phan? Also one of the bloggers with humble beginnings.  She’s that beauty blogger who evolved from that slightly blurry vlogs (but very clear tutorials) to that HD shot photos and videos.  She really transcends whatever it is that she is teaching or describing and this draws a lot of us to check out everything that she’s doing.

9. makeupgeek

Also one of the most popular. Makeupgeek’s website is navvy friendly – I love the flipping motion it made when you hover over a photo topic.  And it is also very easy to search for ideas as topics are segregated accordingly.

10. kandeej

This beauty blog is all about fun, fun, fun! A must for me is a very clean background without not much going on. Her blog not only caters on beauty pieces but what happens to her on the sides.  Those factors are inviting as a reader because you want to know who you are getting your information. An informatively fun beauty blog!


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