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2020 Hair Trends That Look Good On Everyone

Looking for 2020 hair trends to try on yourself for the next year? Check this article out and find several hair trends that practically anyone can pull off.

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1. The Bob Haircut Is Still A Stylish Look In 2020 (But Add a Twist)


The straight bob haircut has been an ongoing hair trend for a couple of years now and it seems like it won’t be changing anytime soon. However, adding a simple twist to the classic straight bob cut will add a subtle new touch to the style.

With a soft blunt bob, you get the chic feel of the classic straight bob cut, but you take the edge off by softening up the look.

By letting the ends grow a little, the look appears less put-together. Adding a shaggier and less sharp finish to the bob haircut, you create a sweet and flirty look that suits every hair type.

2. Accessorize Your Locks With Cute Hair Clips This Year

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Another hair trend for the upcoming year? Hair accessories will be a big hit. From basic barrettes to unique clips adorning the hair, it adds a polished touch to any hairstyle.

The great thing about hair clips is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to feel limited to cuter, girlier looks, and can show off your personal style.

With the right hair clip, you can look elegant and posh. Consider pearl-decorated hair clips and other luxe details to get this look.

Hair clips can even take a look to an edgier level, depending on the style. Much like statement shirts, there are “statement” hair clips that can add a cool-girl touch to your casual looks.

3. Add a Touch of Color to Your Hair with Dip Dyed Hair


In 2019, the ombre hair coloring style was a big hit. The gradient color change from the lighter color to the darker color and vice versa was a trend that a lot of people tried and loved.

For 2020 hair trends in the hair color world though, an upcoming style to look forward to throws out the whole reason behind ombre hair, which is the smooth and gradual transition.

What hair coloring trend are we talking about? Well, it’s the dip-dyed hair color trend.

This trend completely throws away the whole concept of transitioning between one hair color to the next. The lighter or darker hair color is usually at the tip of the hair, creating a stark contrast that stands out from one another.

4. Wear a Retro Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

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Vintage hairstyles are also making a comeback in this coming year’s hair trends. As they say, what goes around comes back around, which is essentially what hair and fashion trends usually do.

One such vintage hair trend that’s making a comeback is curtain bangs. Curtain bangs were all the rage back in the 1970s, but are becoming popular once again.

Curtain bangs are parted exactly down the middle, so if you want to maintain this hairstyle, it might take your hair quite a bit of training. The iconic part down the middle is what makes the curtain bangs what they are, so take your time styling them.

Wearing curtain bangs is a great way of making yourself look young as it frames the face quite well and gives off a youthful, schoolgirl vibe.

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5. Create More Volume at the Crown of the Head with ’60s-Style Volume

Speaking of vintage hairstyles, another upcoming trend hair that you should try out is ’60s levels of hair volume. Usually, this means that the volume of hair is more concentrated at the crown of the head.

Although hair volume will always be in vogue, the ’60s bouffant takes your average hair volume up a notch.

Since we aren’t in the actual era, though, you should make sure that you don’t go too big with your hair. Adding some volume to the crown with a teasing comb and hairspray or a little dry shampoo gets the job done.

6. Color Your Hair in the Shadow Roots Style


An interesting hair color trend that’s going to be popular still in 2020 is the shadow roots style of hair coloring. This hair coloring trend is when the natural roots are allowed to shine through your hair’s dye job.

Another option when it comes to the shadow roots style is to dye your roots a shade or two darker as well.

Of course, the shadow roots style comes from when you’re growing your hair out and the dye contrasts with your original hair color. However, the transition between your natural (or unnatural) hair color should be more seamless.


Although bob cuts, pixie cuts, crops, lobs, and so on are still likely going to be popular in the new year, it doesn’t mean that 2020 hair trends are foregoing length at all. In fact, long locks of hair are becoming more popular again.

Simply letting your hair grow is a hairstyle that just about anyone can do. As long as you grow it out neatly with the help of consistent trimming, then lengthier locks for 2020 might be your thing for the new year.

8. Twisted Half-Up Top-Knots Are a Casually Messy Hairstyle to Rock Next Year


If you’re looking for an updo for your casual day-to-day style, then definitely consider mastering the art of a messy, twisted half-up top-knot. It’s quite a mouthful of a hairstyle but it’s simple to do. Plus, it looks grungy and cool once you pull it off.

Twisted half-up top-knots don’t have to be messy either. You can simply arrange it with care to create a more elegant look for a casual day at the office if you so choose.

All you need to achieve this hairstyle are several bobby pins to keep the hair in place, and an elastic hairband. Simple, but so cute.

It looks good on anyone and it’s a hair braid that even short-haired people with enough length are able to do.


If you’re itching to try a new hair color, then why not consider the toasted ginger hair color for the new year. It looks good with most skin tones.

For those who are lighter-skinned, the toasted ginger shade adds warmth to your skin. It makes a great boho look overall.

For those with warmer skin tones, the toasted ginger hair color complements your skin and adds a sun-kissed glow to your features. It also has a great effect on darker skin tones and suits natural hair types, too.

Watch this video from The List for more hair trends this 2020:

All of these 2020 hair trends can suit anyone, regardless of skin type and hair texture. If you’re looking to make some changes in your hair this coming year, consider trying out a couple of these 2020 hair trends to refresh your look.

Whether you’re a risk-taker or like more classic styles, you’ll surely find something in this list to take your hair to the next level this coming year.

Which of these 2020 hair trends do you want to try out for yourself? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!


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