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Alluring Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin Tone

10 Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin Tone

Looking for lipstick shades for fair skin is quite easy, it’s really much like dressing up in classics,  but it can get a little daunting so I’m giving you my take of the best shades for fair skin tone ladies out there.

The Perfect Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin

Fair skin is beautiful especially when contrasted with bright, rich colors of different hues, but with the many choices today, I wanted to create a list of lipstick shades for fair skin tone that never goes out of style. Do you want to know which lipstick shades are a classic staple for fair skin? Then, let’s get on with it.

You’ll find different color tones in this list of lipstick shades for fair skin that will compliment different undertones so go ahead and see if you already own these or if you need to get one for yourself.


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: Neutral Pale Pink


NYX Tokyo is a beautiful neutral pale pink shade that works best on pale skin tones. This neutral shade will work for both cool and warm undertones, although I see this being used mostly on cool and neutral undertone. Get your very own Nyx Soft Cream in Tokyo here!


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: Coral Pink

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MAC’s Retro Liquid Lipstick is one of the best MAC lipsticks for fair skin. It’s a mix of pink and coral and is a perfect lipstick shade for fair skin tone. This shade is best paired with an office attire, not too intimidating but has a subtle hint of statement to it. MAC To Matte With Love is available in MAC counters but just in case you’re having a hard time getting this shade, I saw one available in Amazon.


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: True Baby Pink


This lipstick shade is a true baby pink color with just the right hint of blue in it creating a beautifully neutral color. Not everyone can pull off a baby pink shade, but fair skinned ladies can wear this very well. However, if you want more pinks,treat your hands to some pampering with pink nail polish to complement your lip shade.

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Another baby pink shade is this Rouge Edition Velvet color by Bourjois Cosmetics called Don’t Pink of It. It’s a baby pink with slide hint of peach–which is a trending color this year in the world of beauty. This is actually the best lipstick color for me because I’m a suck for peachy pinks!


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: True Coral

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This beautiful coral shade will pop up very well on fair skin tone, most coral shades do, but Coral Crush from Makeup Revue is such a warm coral color and it will contrast fair skin really well. So if you’re tired of reds, definitely give this a go.


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: Peachy Coral


MAC Ravishing is a staple in a lot of professional makeup artist’s kit because it’s the right shade of peachy coral that will complement just about anyone, but on pale skin tone, this color will bring an effortless warmth to the face.


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: Pink Peach

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Antwerp by NYX Cosmetics is now a cult favorite because of its beautiful pink peach color that matches almost anyone.


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: True Peach

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This beautiful true peach color is a delicate looking color on the lips, especially for fair skin. Wear this MAC Fan Fare shade out with your girl friends while hanging out and look fresh and pretty even without a lot of makeup on.


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: Blue-Based Red

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This blue-based red color from Too Faced is such a beautiful red to use for fair to medium skin tones. It surely is a statement in and of itself. Too Faced products are available at Sephora but because of its super high quality, some of its products easily get sold out, good thing we can rely on Amazon!


Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin: Bright Red

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There is a reason why this red shade is a cult favorite, aside from Taylor Swift using this exact same shade, it’s a rich bright red color perfect for fair ladies. Wear this classic number along with classy french tip nails and step out looking your best.


Check out some of the best nude lipstick shades for fair skin in this video by Miss Rockabilly Ruby in the video below:

Choosing the right lipstick shade for fair skin isn’t complicated at all and with this list of colors for you to narrow down your choices I hope it’ll be much easier for you to pick which ones you like best!

So, which ones are you getting and which do you already have? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this, I’m sure you’ll love these makeup finds

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Show me your makeup look with your favorite lipstick shade and don’t forget to tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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