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DIY Temporary Highlights For Busy Ladies | Fast, Safe, And Easy

Finally here’s the fastest, safest, and easiest DIY temporary highlights tutorial you can do in 30 minutes. Your main tool? Crepe paper!

“I want to look different”–this, my friends, is the most common request I get from my clients. As a makeup artist, it’s both a pleasure and a challenge. I gauge how good you are in what you do in your ability to transform a person’s face, body, or hair, among others, to what the client wants to see and achieve. However, it can also be pretty difficult. For example, what if you want a hair upgrade within half an hour? What will you do? Here’s my advice: go for temporary highlights.

DIY Temporary Highlights For Busy Ladies | Fast, Safe, And Easy

Upgrade Your Look And Hair Under One Hour For Less Than $2

Can you really have temporary highlights? Of course, you can! In fact, you can do it very cheaply at less than $2 on Paper Mart. All you need to use is crepe paper. But why crepe? Because it’s incredibly easy to use and apply, as you’ll learn later. Personally, I find it safer than store-bought products, which can contain a lot of chemicals.

For this tutorial, my spirit animal is Nicole Richie. I still can’t get over her pink hair that’s just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.


With this in mind, this video tutorial is just perfect. So are you ready? Before we get into the step-by-step process, make sure you have the following:

Do you have them with you now? Perfect! Let’s start with the basics:

NOTE: The result will vary depending on your original hair color. As such, if you have lighter hair, then you can expect a more vivid,  brighter result. Meanwhile, those with dark-colored hair may experience a more subtle change in hair color.


Step 1: Choose your favorite color of crepe paper

Yup, crepe paper will be our source of color for our temporary highlights. Amazing, isn’t it? Just pick whatever color you like, but for this tutorial, we’re going to have, of course, pink.

Step 2: Cut these crepes into several pieces

Lengthwise or whichever way you want, it doesn’t matter. You can even have them in different-sized pieces.


Step 3:  Place the cut papers in a bowl

See to it your bowl can hold all your cut crepe paper. It would be best if it’s a bowl you can set aside for future temporary highlights sessions.


Step 4: Pour hot water

It should be hot enough to soften the crepe paper quickly and even allow some of its colors to seep through.


Step 5: Mash them with brush

Once the crepe paper has absorbed all or most of the hot water, you can now mash them using your brush or any solid object to get that beautiful pink color out.


Step 6: Section your hair

Wear your gloves and section your hair. You can apply temporary highlights at the tip of your hair, in selected sections, or even your entire hair. If you want to go daring, you can have different colors for different areas! Just section your hair nicely. It will help if you can use some bobby pins or large clips to part your hair securely and avoid putting some of the colors directly onto your face later.

Done? At this point, you have two options on how to apply temporary highlights. You can use an aluminum foil or rub the mashed paper directly into your hair.


When you want to use the aluminum foil

The first method of adding temporary highlights with crepe paper is using aluminum foil. Here are the short steps:


Step 1: Cut aluminum foil lengthwise

This doesn’t have to be any special aluminum foil. The one you use to wrap meats or chickens for baking will already do. Of course, it’s important it’s clean. Place the foil under the area of the hair you want to highlight and as close to the roots as possible.


Step 2: Get your brush and apply

Brush your preferred amount of color or highlight onto your hair. If you want to make the color truly pop, consider about five applications.


Step 3: Roll the aluminum foil

See to it you cover the highlights completely and properly. Do steps 1 to 3 to the rest of the hair you want to highlight and wait for 30 minutes before removing them.


When you don’t want to use an aluminum foil

Here are the three steps when you want to ditch aluminum foil:


Step 1: Rub the paper directly onto your hair


Step 2: Place crepe paper underneath the hair with temporary highlights

Spray some water while you’re at it too. Make sure water is applied to the sections with temporary highlights.


Step 3: Wrap them

Wrap your highlighted hair with crepe paper, securing it with an elastic band. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you have covered all the parts of hair you want to have some highlights and wait for 30 minutes before removing them.


That’s basically it! Didn’t I say it’s easy and fast? To see everything in action, watch this video:

And we’re done! So how was it? Perhaps for starters, it may take you a little over 30 minutes to complete, but once you get the hang of it, you can do this DIY temporary highlights while prepping your breakfast or enjoying a cup of coffee.


What do you think of today’s DIY temporary highlights tutorial? I really hope you’ve learned some good stuff. Let me know in the Comments section. You may also want to try these too.

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